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Creat de baaron, 19 Ianuarie 2006, 16:45:17

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Knowledge transfer from the extraterrestrials ... mastering the techniques of immorality .
Close encounters with extraterrestrials say repeatedly that the being are almost immortal as they live many hundreds ...even thousands of years.
Scientists are busy all over the world transforming the knowledge base of the extraterrestrials to crack the code for immortality. The general conclusion is if human soul can traverse outside and use the subconscious mind to communicate, the life span increases many folds. They call it high tech contemporary ..hibernation...
If one can master the arts of traversing into a higher dimension, use it to communicate and understand what others are thinking; they will receive some sort of immortality.

The life span of all human beings expands through meditation and adequate sleep. The reason behind this is that the mind and the soul loses less energy during the sleep or meditation.
The human mind, soul and body radiates electromagnetic waves of special kind that can easily penetrate the parallel universe. These perpendicular waves do not follow traditional physics. These are pure energy sources.

The mind that can traverse though a parallel universe gets rejuvenated. It is almost getting many mini-rebirths within one life span.