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Creat de baaron, 19 Ianuarie 2006, 16:48:30

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Accessing parallel universes of higher dimensions through the power of mind .
Scientists are realizing how powerful the human mind is! Human brain works through real time pattern matching. People of exceptional mental capabilities are strong pattern matchers. Sometimes, pattern matching helps in solving mathematical equations and creating models. It also helps in keeping the conscious mind very busy. This in turn causes the subconscious mind a free access through the primary outward channel to communicate and establish a path to the parallel universes. These individuals of exceptional abilities sometimes see hallucinations that are not real in our physical universe but are real in one of the parallel universes.
Dr. John Nash, Nobel Laureate, Mathematics professor in the Princeton University, experienced such hallucinations starting from his career in breaking the military codes of the Soviet Military. There is a movie on things this world's best pattern matcher used to see. Later in life to facilitate his life in this physical universe, he decided to ignore what he was seeing from the parallel universes.
Many people experience these phenomenons of hallucinations without being a world-class pattern matcher. They just see things from the parallel universe because their mind is designed to open and communicate with the parallel universe all the time.

The close encounters with the extraterrestrials show that they are capable of not only communicating through the parallel universe but also switch their selves from physical to parallel universes back and forth.