Autor Subiect: Project SIGN: Official documents confirm UFOs and EBE into Earth atmosphere  (Citit de 1857 ori)

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A very interesting official and unclassified document coming from the “Project Sign” (1947-1949), released from the “Headquarters of Air Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio″.

Source: Project Blue Book Archive

Some aspects very intriguing is the content in the so-called “Appendix C”, written from G.E. Valley, Scientific Member of the Office of the Commander of the USAF. The title is “Some Considerations Affecting the Interpretation of Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects”. In this document it is made the point (in 1949) about the UFOs phenomenon.

This document asserted that UFOs are subdivided in 5 categories. The first category asserts that many numerous reports and sightings come from daylight sights, about "Metallic Objects in the shape of Disc". These objects have the ability to high speeds and accelerations. They can be moved in group, some times in formation. They have the ability to fluctuate. The second category is those of the so-called “night lights”, also these able of very high speeds and accelerations.

This document illustrating also how (the UFOs) they can be propels these “unknown objects”, and it is gone from solid objects that use unusual propellents, to that those go from which produce “beams”, to the hypothesis that the UFOs use the "magnetic waves of the Earth".

G.E. Valley, moreover, asserts the hypothesis of the possibility to build (in the 1949) an “anti-gravity shield”. Moreover from the disturbing hypothesis that besides the classic “Alien spaceships” there could be in the Earth atmosphere “Biological UFOs ”, as an unusual forms of extraterrestrial life.

Disturbing hypotheses but that they come from official sources.

Ce ziceti de asta? Mie mi se pare o ipoteza foarte interesanta.

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