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Păzitorul Pragului (Dweller)

Creat de Grifon, 31 Octombrie 2018, 21:14:03

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Aici ar fi locul unei dezbateri separate, pentru a nu supradimensiona limitele topicului "Vril".
Preferabil ar fi să avem relatări sau opinii bazate pe experiențe directe, însă e puțin probabil să găsim prea multe.
Asta se explică (dincolo de posibila reticență a interlocutorilor) prin următoarele motive obiective:
1) Puțini oameni au Experiențe Extracorporale (EEC).
2) Dintre aceștia, și mai puțini le au conștiente si/sau controlate.
3) Dintre (extrem de) puținii care reușesc să-și inducă EEC, și mai puțini apucă să-l vadă pe...șugubăț.
4) Iar dintre acești câțiva, nu toți conștientizează / înțeleg că l-au văzut (mulți atribuind tot felul de origini sau explicații fanteziste).

Totuși, chiar și fără referiri la "prima mână", tot putem diseca problema, făcând apel la literatura de specialitate. În acest sens, pentru început, atașez lucrarea lui Steiner - indiciul fiind capitolul dedicat, dinspre finalul cărții.



Prezint aici și o dizertație ceva mai complicată despre "păzitor", de pe site-ul " Theomagica".
E o interpretare în registrul kabbalo-hermetic, dar, dincolo de termenii (cam obositori) ai misticismului ebraic, reiese aceeași idee fundamentală : "pragul" păzit este pragul dintre conștient și subconștient (ptr. o mai bună înțelegere în termenii psihologiei moderne).

E un prag destul de periculos de "fentat", orice s-ar zice...


Interesant... deci acesta ar fi marele secret în jurul căruia orbiteaza si ocultează mai toți.


Şi asta explică şi toată tevatura mondială din jurul drogurilor.
Căci oricum le-am numi (narcotice, stupefiante, psihotrope) toate fac acelaşi lucru : rup "pragul".


Citat din: Grifon din  15 Noiembrie 2018, 00:09:28
Şi asta explică şi toată tevatura mondială din jurul drogurilor.
Căci oricum le-am numi (narcotice, stupefiante, psihotrope) toate fac acelaşi lucru : rup "pragul".

You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?

All the time. It's called mescaline, it's the only way to fly.



Guardian of the Threshold

Everyone must face and deal with the three temptations. However, if one approaches the spiritual world across the 'threshold' that is guarded by the 'Guardian', then one has the task of recognising the forces of the three temptations in one's own being and of ridding oneself of them.

This means leaving them on this side of the threshold while one's consciousness is still on the other side. For this, one must become free of the body in one's thinking (thinking must become 'body-free'); feeling must become free of the influence of chance; and willing must be cleansed of the lust for power.

If, for example, one were to carry lusting after power across the threshold into the spiritual world, one could thereby bring about tremendously destructive effects. For the will is strengthened to such a degree in the spiritual world, that it manifests in ways of which a person in the state of consciousness on this side of the threshold has no inkling.

Therefore the Guardian of the Threshold stands on the threshold and shows us our double. That is, the Guardian shows us our subconscious, reveals it to us so that we have before us an unerring and true picture of the extent and inner constitution of all the powers that we carry within us – powers that entangle us in the three temptations of existence.

if we are brave enough to withstand this sight without despairing over our own nature, without losing all courage so that we become, as it were, living ashes – if we have the courage to endure this truth – then we can cross over the threshold. Transformations then occur within our thinking, feeling and willing.

Indeed, one's thinking becomes something quite different from what it was before. Until then, if we reflected upon something in order to draw logical conclusions, our thinking flowed onward from one thought to the next.

Now it becomes transformed into a stream directed upward. A thought becomes a question that ascends to the hierarchies and with persons who have died – then we return with the answer and recall it upon awakening in ordinary consciousness. Thought becomes an answer. The power of thinking becomes the power of vertial memory.

Feeling, for its part, is transformed. It becomes no longer the expression of what one feels with regard to oneself. Instead, it becomes an ever-widening circle that takes up not only what one has in one's soul as impressions and sensations from without, but also what lives as missions and tasks within other beings.


Guardian of the threshold


Problema cu psihotropele e că, în lipsa "Păzitorului"- sau poate chiar din cauza lui, pe de altă parte - trecerea "pragului" în mod abrupt și haotic se lasă cu urmări grave (binecunoscute, de altfel).

Problema e însă....cum se gestionează un rendez-vous direct cu asemenea entitate ?
Căci cine e pus să "păzească", nu prea are de ce căuta plajă de ...negocieri.


Citat din: Grifon din  15 Noiembrie 2018, 00:09:28
Şi asta explică şi toată tevatura mondială din jurul drogurilor.
Căci oricum le-am numi (narcotice, stupefiante, psihotrope) toate fac acelaşi lucru : rup "pragul".



It's Sunday morning and you're lying in bed, trying hard to produce an out-of-body experience. You're in the perfect state, relaxed, focused and single-minded. You're just a hair breath away from an OBE when all of a sudden you hear a familiar voice, convincingly real in every respect. It's your mom, dad, wife, husband, or other voice of authority and they say something like "Come on. Get up! Get out of bed. We've got to go! Right now!" You may even hear banging or knocking on your bedroom door. The sense of urgency is palpable, but what horrible timing! You were almost there, right?

Sometimes the voice may sound angry. "You lazy-ass good-for-nothing. You've been lying around in bed all morning! I've been waiting more than an hour for you to get up. Get the hell out of bed right this minute."

It may appeal to your sense of urgency. "It's your little sister! Something got caught in her throat and she's choking! I need your help! Please hurry!"

Or maybe, "Your boss is on the phone and she sounds pissed. You better get up and take this." You think to yourself, "Why in hell is she calling me on a Sunday morning? How urgent can it be?"

Or maybe you hear loud banging on the door and a booming voice that says, "This is the police. Open up. We've got a warrant to search the premises. Let us in or we'll break the door down."

Or my personal favorite, "The house is on fire! It's a matter of life and death! You've got to get up right now!"

Finally, with a deep sigh, you abort the OBE attempt and get out of bed to see what's so damn urgent. Then you discover there's nobody there. Nobody is at the door. Nobody is on the phone. The house is not burning down. There is no emergency.

You were pranked.

The Shadow Man

It can be much more menacing than just a voice. More sinister versions probably stem from episodes of ASP (Awareness during Sleep Paralysis) in which your subconscious fears and insecurities are manifested as very realistic hallucinations, like:
An old hag who wants to sit on you (known as "hagging").
A sexual demon (incubus or succubus) who comes to rape you in your paralyzed and helpless condition.
A dark menacing shadow figure whose face is not quite visible.
These are all basically the same thing. This is a phenomenon known as the "Dweller" or "Guardian" on the Threshold. If you've tried to produce OBEs for any length of time, you've probably encountered it in one of its many forms.

According to Wikipedia:
"The Guardian of the Threshold is a menacing figure that is described by a number of esoteric teachers. The term "Guardian of the Threshold", often called "dweller on the threshold", indicates a spectral image which is supposed to manifest itself as soon as "the student of the spirit ascends upon the path into the higher worlds of knowledge".
What is the Guardian?

In my opinion, the Guardian is a big collection of subconscious scare tactics. It's a subconscious defense mechanism. Basically, it comes from within your own mind: your own subconscious fears and insecurities.

What does it want? What is its purpose?

I believe its purpose is to make sure you don't achieve out-of-body experiences until you're psychologically prepared for it. It wants to make sure you're cool enough to remain calm and in control when faced with unexpected or frightening circumstances.

Variations (Alternate scare tactics)

"My heart starts beating out of control"
Another common variation is when it seems like your heart starts beating wildly out of control, like it's going to explode in your chest. This one's a little more tricky. On the one hand, it could really be your heart: it's easy to believe an adrenaline rush may have pushed your heart into atrial fibrillation ("a-fib") or some other fight-or-flight response. I'm especially vulnerable to this because my heart does occasionally go into a-fib (not in OBEs, but under normal circumstances).

However, on many occasions, I've forced myself back to full consciousness only to find it was another false alarm: my heart was, in fact, beating normally; often even more slowly than normal.

"OMG, I stopped breathing!"

Another variation is when it seems like your physical body stops breathing. One minute it seems like your body is breathing normally: you can hear the breath coming and going from your lungs, then suddenly everything goes silent. It seems like you stopped breathing. So you get scared that you're going to suffocate. But when you abort the OBE, you discover your body is still breathing normally. This can either be a manifestation of the Guardian or simply because you've lost awareness of your physical body as your conscious awareness shifts focus to the non-physical environment.

How do you stop it?

The key to stopping this nonsense is understanding exactly what it is, why it's there, and what it wants.

The guardian (your own subconscious) is testing you. To get rid of it, you simply need to pass the test. You need to ignore it and continue inducing the out-of-body state. You need to just ignore the distraction and think to yourself, "Nice try, but I'm not going to fall for it this time. I'm not going to let it stop me."

You need to realize and understand that the voices are not "real" and if there is a real emergency, you won't have to stop and think about aborting: you'd already be jarred out of the pre-OBE state automatically. If a real emergency had happened, there would be no reason to hear the voice in the first place.

Once you learn to ignore the Guardian and continue with the OBE, you will have "passed the test" and leveled up. Your subconscious will realize you refuse to be manipulated and will no longer bother with the scare tactics. Then you can fearlessly start exploring this strange new world.

Bob Peterson
31 October 2017



Bune completări, d-le @kenjiro - dar n-ar strica și niște traduceri, căci nu tot publicul cunoaște engleza.

Bună si evocarea celebrei lucrări a lui A. Huxley, stimată @Aseneth. Ne-am mai lovit de controversatul autor și pe alte subiecte (cu "Minunata Lume Nouă"), așa că merita amintit și cu preocupările sale din zona para-psi.

Cartea e din anii '60, când a fost și " boom"-ul psihedelic (droguri, New-age, etc.). La vremea aceea, nu doar Huxley studia narcoticele, dar se și făcea reclamă deschisă la cele sintetice. Revista "Life" (una din cele mai populare în epocă) lăuda deschis noutatea experiențelor cu LSD, postând chiar pe prima pagină elogii (precum se poate vedea în atașament).

Ciudată și data la care a apărut acest număr bizar. 09.09.1966 ? 66 și...dopplegänger 99 ?
Pe lângă...number of the beast.


Sigur ați văzut faimosul documentar "Lo Sfidante".
Îmi aminteam vag că și acolo se menționa noțiunea de "păzitor", așa că l-am parcurs ieri fugitiv, să revăd opiniile autorilor. Și iată ce imagine au folosit (atașament, captură de la min.30-31), alături de echivalența conceptuală evidentă cu titlul documentarului.
Tare, nu ?
Sigur ai văzut cândva imaginea de acolo, herr @abyss, dar la acea vreme probabil că nu i-ai acordat importanța cuvenită - ai socotit-o poate ceva abstract, alegoric.
Acum că l-ai perceput direct și nemijlocit, altă înțelegere, neh ?


Corect. Asa a fost.
Ma interesa mai mult "instalația străină" precum și fenomenele externe asociate cu oprirea dialogului interior și a anumitor procese mentale. Filmul m-a impresionat foarte placut.