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Chro_nos_project cu clopot rotitor si vibratii violet

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  Deja m-am enervat  :lol: si deschid un subiect promis de foarte mult timp de @Xanadron
  Imi permit sa-l deschid eu cu speranta ca poate asa, master Zen va gasi timp sa mai scrie cate o postare PLPAFC ( prea lunga pentru a fi citita )  :lol:
  Pentru inceput un text mic in engleza ca nu mai stau la ora asta sa traduc .

Die Glocke
"The Bell" (German: Die Glocke) represented something at the very pinnacle of SS General’s Hans Kammler's occult and super-secret SS "wonder weapons" empire. Nick Cook's book, “Hunt for Zero Point” represents the only publicly accessible information on this bizarre object in the English language, the equally macabre experimentation that surrounded it, and the stringent security the SS held it under. The following are the salient features of The Bell, according to information Cook received from both German and Czech sources:
(1) The Bell was reportedly a metallic object, approximately 9 ft. in diameter and 12-15 ft. tall;
(2) It looked like a "Bell", hence its codename to the Germans, die Glocke;
(3) It was comprised of two counter-rotating cylinders, rotating a purplish liquid-metallic looking substance code-named "Xerum 525" by the Germans, at high speeds;
(4) "Xerum 525" was apparently highly radioactive, being purple in color, and housed in cylinders with lead lining 3 cm (12 in.) thick;
(5) The Bell apparently required high amounts of electrical power in its operation;
(6) During use, it could only be run for approximately one to two minutes, as it apparently gave off strong radiation and/or other electromagnetic or unknown field effects;
(a) Several scientist died on its first operation; (b) Subsequent tests included various plants and animals, all of which decomposed into a blackish goo and without normal putrefaction, within a matter of a few minutes or hours after exposure to its field effects when in operation; (c) Technicians near the Bell during these experiments reported metallic tastes in their mouths after being exposed to it; (d) The chamber in which the Bell was tested was lined with ceramic bricks and rubber mats, and had to have its rubber matting removed and burned after each test, and it was subsequently washed down with brine by inmates from nearby concentration camps;
(7) All the scientists and witnesses who saw or worked on the Bell were murdered by the SS as the war neared its end;
8) The Bell was transplanted out of Silesia to a destination that has never been discovered. The Bell, along with General Kammler himself, simply disappear entirely from history, never to be seen again. It is believed, however, that both the Bell and General Kammler were transported by U-boat to a base outside of the Reich (Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica being the strongest choice). Others suggest Norway where German troops still held that territory with another Ju-390 supposedly kept in reserve as an evacuation aircraft.
(9) A strange "henge" like structure was constructed by the Germans out of reinforced concrete near the facility where the Bell was located and tested. This structure resembled a test rig for the possible test of extremely powerful propulsion devices.
During WWII, a curious episode took place, indicating an awareness of a whole new realm of secret phenomena and abilities. As chronicled in Nick Cook's excellent The Hunt for Zero Point, strange equipment and means were employed in a secret test chamber built in Poland deep under the northern Sudenten Mountains near the Silesian coal mining center of Waldenburg.
The project was code-named Chronos and involved a device always called "Die Glocke"- the Bell. The device was made out of a hard, heavy metal (depleted uranium?) and filled with a mercury like substance, violet in color. This metallic liquid was stored in thermos like flasks encased in lead. The device was installed deep down in the earth in Wenceslas Mine. When the Bell was energized, it was wrapped in a ceramic cover and involved the rapid spinning of two cylinders in opposite directions. A local dam was used to generate electrical power to power up the Lanternholder [Laternenträger]. The violet mercury-like substance was called "Xerum 525". Other substances known to have been involved in the testing were thorium and beryllium peroxides code named "Leichtmetall".
The test chamber was 30 meters square and lined with ceramic tiles. The floors and walls were covered with heavy black rubber mats.The test room and all electrical equipment but the Bell were disposed of after every few tests. Apparently, they became contaminated in some fashion and were disposed of in a furnace.
The tests themselves were quite short. A minute would pass and the Bell would give off a strange blue glow. Test personnel were kept 150 to 200 meters away shielded by tons of rock. After each test the room would be entered by concentration camp workers who would spray the room down with some type of brine for 45 minutes. Collateral damage for them.
The Nazi super scientists placed animals, plants and insects nearby the Bell during testing. A strange crystalline substance invaded animal tissue, destroying life. Plants thus exposed lost all their chlorophyll, turning deathly white in several hours. Refinements of the equipment was made and it's lethality diminished. Despite protective clothing, five of the seven scientists involved later died from ailments involving sleep problems, metallic taste in the mouth, nerve spasms and loss of memory and balance.
According to the theories of some physicists, a torsion field of sufficient intensity can bend space around the generator. The more torsion you generate, the more space you alter. When you bend space, you also bend time.
Were the Nazis doing some time traveling towards the end of WWII?
The rotation of the object, and presumably the radioactive liquid-metal called "Xerum 525", suggests that the Germans were investigating the inertial and vortex properties of radioactive material when subjected to high speed rotation, as well as the resulting field effects.
It is likely that this rotation was caused by passing a current through the liquid - hence the high power consumption - but the possibility of mechanical rotation should not be ruled out in addition to this, as German progress in jet engine turbines and uranium centrifuges would have given them the experience to construct very high speed turbines for rotating such material for study. In this sense, it is possible that the Bell was nothing more than two counter-rotating ultra-high speed turbines That is to say, the Bell may have been an ultra high speed electro- mechanical turbine of some sort, an offshoot, perhaps, of German centrifuge technology development.
The housing of this device in an underground chamber lined with ceramic brick and rubber mats suggests that it gave off extremely strong electro-magnetic or electro-static field effects as well as high heat when in operation. The reporting of metallic tastes in the mouths of what few surviving personnel there are suggests this. The quick decay without apparent putrefaction of organic material within its field suggests effects that some would associate with scalar waves.
But what was the mysterious "Xerum 525"? When first investigating this strange material, the first thought is that it might be some radioactive isotope of mercury, or possibly a more radioactive substance in chemical solution of some sort. It is perhaps worth noting that recently a strange substance known as "red mercury", or mercury antominate oxide, has been alleged to have strong neutron emitting properties when subjected to sudden explosive stress, and is alleged to be a non-fissile method of triggering the enormous fusion reactions of hydrogen bombs, as well as being able, in its own right, of fission explosions in the small kiloton range. Perhaps the Nazis had stumbled onto a similar such substance during the war.
Cook also notes that, at the end of the war, Kammler had special jurisdiction over a secret "SS evacuation command" that had been personally established by Reichsleiter Martin Bormann in great secrecy. This command included jurisdiction over all of Nazi Germany's heavy-lift ultra-long range transport aircraft, including the Ju-290 and the six engine monster, the Ju-390, stationed near Prag-Kbely Aerodrome. These planes were based at the end of the war quite near the secret underground facility where the Bell was being tested.


  In esenta si pe scurt sunt niste punctari din surse germane si cehe privitoare la Xerum525 un material violet  :-o , clopotul era format din doua parti rotitoare in sensuri contrare la viteze f mari, consuma f. multa energie si nu era lasat sa functioneze mai mult de vreo 3 minute . etc. Se incheie totul cu disparitia dispozitivului si a generalului raspunzator de proiect.

  Proiectul Chronos al clopotului nazi imi pare pe aceeasi linie cu celalalt proiect  german Chronos , cel care se desfasoara si in prezent in subteranele metroului berlinez- cine a citit pe aici pe forum stie despre ce e vorba.
  Continuam in alta zi  :-)

P.S. am pus acest titlu pt a fi considerat un subiect banal de catre spideri, crawleri si ce alte insecte mai circula pe sub WWW. Poate fi schimbat insa daca e necesar.

1. Nu mai scriu postari TLTBR (too long to be read) pina nu-mi (re)gasesc Like-urile. :-D
2. Si oricum, "utilitatea" sapaturilor in directii d-astea-mi pare nula, opinia majoritatii fiind ca ultimele noutati demne de atentie despre nazisti au fost spuse de Haralamb Zinca-n anii '70. :lol:

La modul serios acum, Die Glocke-i doar o piesa (importanta ce-i drept - v. hiperclasificarea lui "Kriegsentscheidend") dintr-un puzzle care cuprinde nu doar Vril/Haunebu-urile, ci si binecunoscuta (mai ales de catre pilotii aliati) Charite Anlage de linga Frankfurt/Main - aia care "taia motoarele" avioanelor p-o raza (emisferica sa zicem) de cca. 12 km. Ce anume trebuia musai protejat in zona respectiva, n-o sa aflam probabil niciodata.

Despre ing. gen. Kammler (paper-clipat si el clar in USA) si conexiunile lui cu The Kecksburg Incident (1965) mai vorbiram noi p-aici; interesant e ca "sifonatorul" principal a fost un furnizor de placi ceramice superrezistente catre Pentagonul vremurilor respective - some Bell ringing here?  :wink:

Deductii mai noi au mai aparut si-n sensul dovezilor circumstantiale ca cel putin 2 "clopotzele" au fost evacuat-n aprilie 1945 - nu doar spre America de Sud, ci si spre Africa la fel de sudica (Rhodesia probabil) - si la fel de vecina cu Antarctica. Doar o alta coincidentza, nu-i asa? 8-)
Si ca studiile vortexurilor eterice au fost continuate in... Turcia bine-mersi de mai multi savanti ex-nazisti (inclusiv Ida & Walter Noddack) timp de decenii dupa sfirsitul WW-II.
E vorba deci de un paienjenis global, din care nici Rusia nu lipseste (inutil sa reamintesc paper-cliparile sovietice).

In fine, mai repet doar ca polonezul Igor Witkowski ramine cea mai informata sursa pe tema asta - goagal it please - fiindca ultima locatie 100% certa a "clopotului" nazist a fost la granitza germano-poloneza si doar nenea asta a avut rabdarea sa puna cap la cap niste fire - nu toate, da' destule.

  Printr-o anumita parte a lumii de ceva timp - cca 6 luni dar s-ar putea sa ma insel - apar articole diverse pe tema WW-II , in special despre si cu nazi. In legatura cu tema de aici, un articol din 10 iunie 2014

The blood of thousands on his hands, SS General Hans Kammler killed himself in 1945 in the dying days of Hitler’s Germany.
That, at least, was his official fate. The man steeped in the horrors of the death camps had met his just deserts.
However, it is now claimed that Kammler survived the war, spirited away to America and given a new identity by the US authorities.


P.S. ce naiba e Ubbo-Sathla ca nu am inteles  :?

O discutie interesanta peste care am dat din intamplare

Din ce inteleg ca spune unul din participanti (pare destul de documentat), "Die Glocke-Clopotul" ar fi fost de fapt un fel de dispozitiv Tokamak, sau ceva de genu (eu nu ma prea pricep la astea).

Nemtii ar fi incercat cu el sa produca uraniu imbogatit (sau chiar plutoniu), puneau niste toriu inauntru, mai erau cilindrii cu mercur, beriliu etc, ii roteau, aparea si plasma etc si se iradia toriu (care se gasea intr-o parafina de pe peretii interiori), care se transmuta in uraniu in cele din urma (era lasat sa decada natural si in nu stiu cate zile se transforma in uraniu imbogatit).
"Clopotul" era acoperit ermetic cu bucati groase de ceramica speciala pentru a preveni iradierea celor din jur, dar la inceput se pare ca au fost victime ale iradierii, si apoi pentru a preveni asta dar si incalzirea excesiva si explozia il lasau sa mearga doar perioade foarte scurte de timp.

Cel putin asa inteleg eu din ce spune omul ala (il mai contrazic unii pe acolo, ba chiar admin-ului pare ca nu-i convine discutia la un moment dat).
Insa treaba cu OZN-ul de la Kecksburg din SUA, a carui descriere (avea forma unei ghinde) seamana extrem de mult cu "clopotu" german ma face sa ma intreb daca nu cumva e vorba de acelasi "dispozitiv" sa-i zic asa (ajuns dupa razboi in SUA, odata cu o gramada de patente, proiecte si savanti nazisti), si ca ar fi vorba de ceva mai mult (sau ceva diferit) decat de producerea de uraniu imbogatit (poate un dispozitiv de propulsie)

  P.S. 2 .  :-D
     Cate ceva poate nou :
    in care se face o trecere in revista a stiintei de dinainte de clopot si a celei de dupa prin proiectele ce au fost derulate - cel putin alea cunoscute : Charite-Anlage,  Thor, Kronos - cu referinta la Saturn si nu la timp , in care era vb de to spin polarisation plasma physics-
polarizarea spinului in fizica plasmei adica polarizarea rotatiei.
    Lectura placuta!

  Cred ca ar merita revazut filmul Contact facut in 1997  :-D unde apare un dispozitiv al carui suport aduce mult cu ceea ce a ramas in Polonia parca in urma clopotului .

Incepand cu minutul 16,20 pana la minutul 21 cand dispozitivul e distrus de catre un fanatic - printre altele iata de ce sustin ca anumite proiecte trebuie sa ramana secrete marelui public  :evil:  . Secventa de mai sus este in partea a doua a filmului .
 De vazut apoi la minutul 25. Interesant si la minutul 27 cu capsulele de sinucidere date astronautilor inca de la primele lansari  :-o - bineinteles, e doar film insa cred ca acum il privesc cu alti ochi .
 Incepand cu minutul 31 procedura de lansare iar in interiorul modului este si un scaun - aparent fara functii speciale

  Filmul poate fi vazut aici


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