Author Topic: Diamod Shaped UFO, Possible Military Craft, Bloomington Indiana  (Read 8601 times)

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This event happened probably 20 days after my first posted UFO video in 2006. This appears to be a diamond shaped craft ( I don't know if its extra-terrestrial ). We were looking west when we noticed this craft that didn't have the standard nose that an airplane has. The entire front end was lit up with deep amber lighting that also had a slight greenish hue and they would flash simultaneously when the bottom end of the craft would flash with a singular red light. It barely had any sound, more like a whisper, or wind being cut. It flew over my friend and I, and once it got directly over us, it spotlights us as if it knew full well that we were down there filming. Another strange detail about this spotlighting was the fact that light spirals downward toward the camera. I initially thought that this was light refraction, but, light refraction bounces back and fourth when light hits the camera. You can clearly see it spiral downwards as if it is trying to actually touch the camera itself. On the original video, you can see this orb of light fall from the craft, but, I don't know how clearly it will be seen with youtube processing. If it is visible, you will see it fall from your left side, right next to the craft just an instant before it actually spotlights may have to rewind and fast forward a bit to spot it. Once the craft completely flew out of sight, it only took about 2 minutes or less to circle us and come back through the cloud cover. Just before this, you will see me filming two other lights that are just above the tree lines hanging there. My friend calls back out to me to let me know that the other craft is returning. I apologize for the video going weird halfway through this, something began to malfunction on the camera as well as the tape that transfers into the video; you'll see me try to adjust the focus several times as the camera begins to malfunction so that I don't lose the footage, I have no idea whether the craft caused this malfunction or not...Before this sighting it had worked perfectly. If you pause it towards the end of the video where you get an extremely good look at the craft, again, you will notice that it has no nose as is typically seen on an airplane and another difference that you will notice is the spotlights that were rotated downward when it first turns them on, are rotated forward as it comes through the cloud cover. One last detail about the craft's spotlights is; they seem to be located very closely to where landing gear for airplanes would typically be. They were extremely large and not fitting for any conventional aircraft.

I want to note that the weather was somewhat strange...It would warm up and then cool off very dramatically. One half of the sky was entirely clear and the other half was pure cloud cover. There was no in between.

Although it did not display any weird flight patterns, this craft is definitely original in its appearance and up to that point I had never seen anything that looked like this in person. Shortly after this sighting, I saw it two more times and then never again.

I have intentionally disabled the sound to this video because I had gotten so many bad reactions from the commentary and music on the last video. For those of you who this matters, I apologize, however, people are extremely volatile and will complain merely to get their thoughts in print to antagonize others. I am more than positive this video will bring the skeptics and the debunkers out from hibernation and cause them to make relentless attacks for the purpose of boosting their already enormous egos. But, against my better judgment, I posted it anyway for those of you who are genuinely looking for answers...and for that, its worth it.

Last and final note: This was a very large object that flew at about 1500 feet or slightly less. Again, it barely had sound.

Also, for the idiots who attribute this to an must be on drugs or just retarded. I grew up next to an airport and have seen more conventional and military crafts than most civilians put together. My father used to be an Industrial Engineer at Crane (NWSC) so, DON'T insult my intelligence, or worse, your own by making silly comments like...airplane, plane, yada yada yada. I'll just erase your moronic comments and block you from viewing this again. For those of you who cannot tell...I'm sick to death of know-it-all skeptics or debunkers. I eat your type for lunch and its too bad I don't get paid to do it.

Just so you know the location, we were in the styx of Bloomington, Indiana way out on W. 46




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