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World War III

Creat de daniel, 02 Septembrie 2008, 23:26:34

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US about to strike Iran; Tehran warns of World War III


A major Dutch newspaper reported on Monday that the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD recently pulled all of its operatives out of Iran after learning that an American air strike on Iranian nuclear and missile production facilities is imminent.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that AIVD had previously been conducting a very successful sabotage operation against Iran's production of medium and long-range missiles.

According to the report, AIVD pulled out of Iran after being warned that the country's missile factories would be among the targets hit by unmanned American bombers "within weeks."

While the report did not mention any potential Israeli involvement in the impending US military strike, Israel's Ma'ariv daily newspaper reported on Friday that Jerusalem had reached a strategic decision to deny Iran nuclear weapons at all costs and by any means.

The Ma'ariv report stated that independent of other efforts by Western powers, Israel had begun preparations for its own possible strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Responding to the latest reports, the deputy chief of staff of the Iranian military, General Masoud Jazayeri, said on Saturday that any attack on his nation would result in World War III.

Speaking to Iran's IRNA news agency, Jazayeri warned that in the event of an attack on Iran, Israel and the US "will be eliminated before anyt