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Creat de baaron, 18 Ianuarie 2006, 11:21:10

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Artificial Life, electromagnetic soul, evolution of life in the form of clustered energy? we may not be too far from the Extraterrestrials in achieving the ultimate miracle of science
Doctors and scientists in India are busy performing experimentation with artificial life forms. Creating the artificial cells is nothing new. That is being done again and again. But what really makes scientists and medical practitioners wonder is the question - where does the soul come from in the artificial intelligent life forms?
Some scientists in New Delhi may have the right answer. According to their recent research, the biomedical part of life can be created through advanced applications of molecular biology and organic chemistry. But what really happens is that when the cells find out that they have to be part of a ?union?, they communicate among themselves and form a larger life form. The process continues. While the process propagates, energy in the form of electromagnetic flux forms as a concentrated form of clustered energy. That clustered energy survives even if the physical body of the artificial life form is destroyed. The energy cluster is actually part of a larger cluster, which can be viewed as part of the whole universe.
The life as we know is collection of cells with a ?union? that is governed by that electromagnetic flux of energy. The energy is indestructible. The energy in the whole universe is interlinked and is part of a huge integrated infrastructure. It may even extent to multiple universes and dimensions.
What it really means in religious terms is that all living beings are interconnected and part of the whole. Many religions preach the same. This also answers questions about continuity of life after death and reincarnation.
According to Indian scientists we will never be able to replicate human beings till we can master the process of bringing in already clustered advanced form of electromagnetic flux from the universe or a different dimension into the artificial life form that we create. That is where we are still lagging behind.
According to many extraterrestrial researchers, we, the humans are robots created by some far superior life forms. Based on the recent research, this is certainly possible. The advanced life form who ever they are must have mastered the process of recycling the soul or energy into newly born siblings. The biological, chemical and physical process is nothing new. Where we really need to gain ground is in the area of creation, management and recycling of electromagnetic energy forms and the concept of recyclable hierarchical mechanism of clustered energy.
How are we from the ultimate miracle of science? According to the Indian scientists in New Delhi, not too far. The easier path towards achieving this will be an integrated effort through science and spiritual thinking. However, science has a direct answer to all this though very complex in nature.
Recently some Swedish researchers have presented the idea that clustered form of energy and their hierarchical infrastructure cannot exist in our defined time dimension. In order to break the ice, we have to master the process of dealing with time dimension. If that is the case however, it may take quite some time before we can reach there!