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21 December 2012 - Open Global Stargate by the Zero Point Field

Creat de calator astral, 28 Noiembrie 2012, 14:57:38

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calator astral

   Here we are, at the countdown to December twenty-first, just three weeks left, few days as few hours will pass , we are now enough close to that date predicted by the Ancient Mayan Civilization.

  I would like to share with you a weird point of view of one of my virtual friends I got on yatube, as I do beleave we are at the end of a long shadow cycle, an Event predicted by many ancient prophecies, beyond well knowed calculations and interpretations of the Mayan calendar sysrem.

  I propose that thread and that point of view for those who have been waiting that date for a long time, but also for romanians english speakers on here, I know there are Legion, who heard about a supposed End of the World on 21 December.

    I do personnaly beleave that will be something huge in coming, but I am convinced that nothing out of ordinary will happens for most of human beings, just few of us will be able to enter that Global Stargate opened that day, and see and enter another World, a world of advanced Spirits, maybe Angelic entities, a Stargate will be open for a different and greater Universe.

   This will happens as the Earth electromagnetic field will get disturbed by something.

ps> as for the real End of the World, I trust this much much more :
              Matthew 24:36 - 44

    "No one knows that Day and Hour, therefore you must be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an Hour you do not expect "

Quantum Coherence into the Zero Point Field (Stargate 21st December 2012)