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Creat de abyss, 25 Noiembrie 2011, 16:41:36

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Events of the 11/11/11 Cahokia Star Knowledge Conference
by Jeff Becker
I found out about the 11/11/11 Cahokia Star Knowledge Gathering because of a note Charlie Balogh posted in a facebook group. I looked up information about the conference and immediately decided that I needed to be there. I figured that if nothing else, I would help out with the CE-5. I had few expectations. I was blown away. During one of the breaks, Charlie told me the story of how he met Itasha. Charlie is writing his own narrative that will provide greater detail, but this summary has been included here as necessary background information. Any differences are due to my faulty memory.
Charlie Balogh has been with CSETI for about fifteen years. He is also an accomplished musician. As you may already know, Charlie Balogh "wrote" the CSETI logo music. The rest of that story is that during a morning meditation at one of his first CSETI ambassador trainings, Charlie went into a waking lucid dream state and saw the CSETI logo in 3D, as spheres connect by tubes, with different details inside of each sphere. The triangle was at an angle and rotating. As each sphere came by, he heard different music. He transcribed what he heard in that vision and that is how the CSETI logo music came to be. With the help of an artist, the colorful version of the CSETI logo was created.
In a subsequent CSETI training, the CSETI logo music was being played in the circle. Charlie wandered off several hundred yards into the desert and heard the music coming from the opposite direction, from the middle of the desert. He checked to be sure there wasn't a mountain or something that would be reflecting the sound from the circle, then yelled out "I hope you like the music I wrote for you!". He ran back to get Dr. Greer, and Dr. Greer agreed it was anomalous. Only a couple other people ever knew about this.
Fast forward to about three years ago. Charlie was playing the world's largest privately owned pipe organ at the establishment he has worked at for a long time. He was on break and rushing off to the bathroom when a small lady stopped him and said "I need to talk to you". Charlie said something like, "Can it wait a few minutes?" and she said "No, I need to talk to you now." So, they sat down and she said, "We heard you when you said .....". That got his attention. They talked for a while, and became good friends. That lady is Itasha. Charlie knows her, has met her children, has seen how she lives, and confirms that she is everything she says she is.
Itasha is an Arcturian ambassador. She is physiologically different from us, but can pass for one us with some effort. Itasha gave a talk and several workshops at the Cahokia Star Knowledge Gathering. As far as Charlie and I know, this is the first time anyone like her, an extraterrestrial living on earth, has given a public presentation openly stating who they are. She is a small woman, 5' tall at most, dark hair, sparkling dark eyes, brown skin, solid build, and a beautiful smile.
In her public presentation, which was recorded, Itasha started by describing her early years as an adult on earth with nothing more than a ball cap, jacket, backpack, the clothes she was wearing, and one dress. Everything she needed was provided by serendipity. She told a number of stories which I unfortunately don't remember well enough to relate in full. One involved how she met a highly respected Native American holy man. As someone said to me later, that caught his attention because this was a man who was not easily fooled. She showed the holy man writings by star people in a sacred cave and helped with getting protection for a piece of sacred land. She was protected and hidden away by Native Americans for many years.
She discussed some of her physiological differences. She likes it cold, sees very well in the dark and keeps her house dark, sleeps about two hours a night, has a different spinal structure and different brain structure. She was surgically sterilized to "prevent half-breed children" but her body was able to regenerate to the disbelief of her doctors. She was backing out of her driveway and was hit by another car travelling at high speed in an "accident". She was taken to a hospital and when they did a CAT scan the doctor noticed a difference in her brain structure. The doctor along with her records disappeared to someplace in NASA. She has been tortured to "see how much an ET can take." At one point she left the planet for 26 years to get away from this nonsense. Still, she came back.
She talked about her family. Her husband was a military man who rescued her from the scene of one of the torture tests, but left her because he couldn't deal with the truth, or perhaps the dangerous circumstances created because of it. She does have "half-breed" children. They rarely get out in public. They were born with red eyes, are incredibly bright, telepathic, and able to manifest things that they need. Itasha emphasized need rather than want.
Itasha said that there are one million star people from fifty-two different star nations living on the earth among us. She said that for the most part, the star nations have different responsibilities and do not interact with each other a great deal in carrying them out. She said that many of the disaster scenarios involving earthquakes and such have been dealt with by strengthening the tectonic plates. There will be some slow rising of water, but we will be able to cope. When a woman president is elected, within the next two election cycles, that will signify the beginning of earth becoming a star nation.
The Arcturians want us in the fifth dimension. They love us as family and want to bring us home. They have no anger, no fear, no ego, only love and oneness. They answer to only one authority, god. She said ADHD was similar to higher dimensional existence – always on the go, doing ten things at once, a step up the evolutionary ladder. Only higher level races are allowed to be on earth at this time. Some "problems" that began in the 30's and 40's with not such high level races are now being rectified.
I wish I could convey the cheerful and upbeat yet direct and down to earth way in which she conveyed everything. With any luck the video will be released soon.
Itasha had been scheduled to talk Friday morning and Charlie right after here. As it turned out, the first speaker ran late so the organizers decided to split the remaining time between Itasha and Charlie. Itasha took the full amount of time, but everyone was enthralled and no one minded including Charlie whos
talk was rescheduled for Saturday. In addition to presenting CSETI information, Charlie testified in public that Itasha is who she says she is.
In her first workshop, on Friday, Itasha discussed what is needed for a physical meeting with people like her. We must meet them half way. We must raise our frequency in order to meet with them, and we must learn basic telepathy. She discussed various ways of raising frequency including meditation, movement, and various uses of tone. She briefly outlined the first step in learning telepathy which involved visualizing a triangle on your forehead and a point of light in the middle, a beam of light from the back of your head through that point, and a tone carried on that beam by means of which images were delivered. Higher telepathy always uses images rather than words. Physical preparations involve creating a sacred space, lower temperature, dim lighting, and the use of bells and similar high pitched tones. She said you will hear sounds and perhaps feel a cool breeze.
In her second workshop, on Sunday, she talked about what the star nations are doing for the earth, did some vibration raising exercises and invited people to introduce themselves and say whatever they wanted to say. When it came to be my turn, I told her my name, that I was also with CSETI, and that I would like to help her help us in any way possible. Itasha laughed and said "Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!" and then very quietly "Stay after class". I responded "I mean it". After class there was a bit of a mob scene and Connie Gehl, one of the organizers, led her out of the room saying "If you don't leave, no one will leave." They needed the room for another workshop. I followed since Itasha had said "Stay after class". I assumed she wanted to discuss something with me. She went outside and collapsed in the grass. I stayed to do what little I could to help and other people showed up who knew something about healing. One of them was an apparently old friend of Itasha's who is currently on earth as Aryelle, an Irish lady who is a representative of Ashtar. Itasha was somewhat delirious and started saying things about "need to get to Cahokia and get on a space ship". I offered my vehicle for transportation. When she had recovered a bit, Charlie and I helped Itasha walk to my car and Aryelle came along for support. Others headed over in separate vehicles.
At Cahokia, Charlie and Aryelle helped Itasha up to the first level of Monks Mound while I went to park. Healers arrived and together we performed a healing ceremony that lasted some time. When Itasha recovered, she was very grateful and introduced some of the healers and others who are galactic representatives. She also said we needed to do a CE-5 that evening and we set the time for 9:00 PM. I had been planning to drive home at 6:00 PM but of course decided that I would be staying for the CE-5. There was also some discussion between Itasha and Aryelle about a meeting in Ireland to which Charlie and I have been invited. They initially were thinking as late as October 2012 but changed that to March because "time is short". I'm not entirely clear on what is to be accomplished at that meeting, but I intend to be there.
Charlie said that several people who attended his workshop were on Monks Mound about 6:15 PM that evening when a craft with lights in an equilateral triangle and a dimmer light in the center came in over Monks Mound, turned, and faded out. This turned out to be at the location where we had done the CE-5 the night before and where we would be again that night. I may have seen the same craft from the
parking lot of the hotel. I was very tired and not in "observation mode". It definitely got my attention since the three lights were all white, in an equilateral triangle, with a dimmer one in the center. It looked nothing like a jet I saw later on basically the same path, and it was silent but I could easily hear the jet.
The CE-5 that evening was interesting, with Charlie conducting. Both Charlie and I felt heat from the center of the circle, and some other subtle effects were reported. I had the feeling this was for energetic work, and I felt like someone was attempting work with me telepathically at some elementary level.
After the CE-5 when we, Itasha, Aryelle, Charlie, and I, were all standing around in the parking lot of the hotel preparing for goodbyes, Itasha opened up a bit. She said she was disappointed with some of things that she had seen. Someone borrowed a poster from her last workshop to copy the information about archangels and did not return it. She was not at all happy with a lot of the new age silliness that she saw, in particular with people claiming abilities that she knew did not exist. She said that she was an Arcturian ambassador, that this presentation had been planned at high levels, and that this sort of presentation would not happen again. Itasha and Aryelle are going to work together to open galactic information centers in Europe. She said that the earth is dying and that time is short. She said that if things go badly they are preparing to remove something like 12 percent of the earth's population and those people won't be coming back. The rest will be "left to their lessons".
During her public presentations she was very optimistic about a smooth transition, so the last remarks are clearly about a contingency plan. What needs to be done? My words now: Help get people ready to meet them. Raise your own vibration to own of love and kindness. Send love and light around the world. Help people to wake up from this long nap in the darkness and realize their own potential for good.
Additional Notes
by Charlie Balogh
I have been writing my own chronicle of what happened at the conference but Jeff has covered all the bases very well. Not really much I can add. Thanks Jeff. I have waited a long time to talk about Itasha, how we met, and the close friendship that has developed. After she first visited the restaurant in the spring of 2009 and told me that "we" (meaning the star beings) heard you when you asked if we enjoyed the music I wrote for them, it took me several months to process what happened. (By the way, that was a full two years after the incident in Joshua Tree took place!) We didn't communicate for that long. My inner skeptic figured that if she had some ulterior motive or wanted something from me, she would try to contact me repeatedly until I responded. But that wasn't the case. She did not know me and I didn't know her. She said that she was "directed" to meet me and let me know that they were listening and aware of my work in earnest to establish contact. She also said that I had been given a message around the time of the Phoenix Lights incident in 1997 that our meeting would take place at this time. I told her that I didn't recall receiving such a message and she assured me it was given and that our meeting could not have taken place any sooner. As I look back on it, it was shortly after the Phoenix Lights event that I
became driven to seek contact and eventually joined CSETI. So, it would seem that the message (whatever it was) became the catalyst I needed to go forward. And, our meeting would not take place until I had become completely comfortable and secure with the reality of star beings visiting Earth.
When I finally reconnected with her a few months later, she said she understood why I waited for so long. From that point on we have become compatriots. Two years before we met she was directed by the Arcturians to leave the Apache Indian Reservation in the White Mountains of Arizona where she and her family had been living for many years. The reservation was the only place where she felt safe and could remain anonymous, so to speak. They said it was time to move into the city and to seek out and begin working with humans who were aware of and accepting of star beings. As she said at the conference, there are exactly one million of them on earth at this time, working just as she is to bring us along to a higher level of consciousness.
The conference was very taxing on her physically. She had been planning on revealing who she was and we had agreed to coordinate our presentations accordingly. But she was quite unprepared for the response that took place after her presentation and it literally overwhelmed her. When she collapsed outside the building, we really became frightened and concerned that she would not recover. It's very hard for her to be in close proximity to large numbers of humans and the heat and lack of fresh air in the conference room exacerbated the whole situation.
Many will doubt and be skeptical of this information and what it represents. Those who are already on the path to higher consciousness and vibration will find this all to be plausible and consonant with what they have learned. I cannot offer anyone absolute and undeniable proof of who Itasha claims to be. She has said that she has medical documentation as to her unusual physiology and will at some point release it. All I can offer is my word and sincerity. For some that will be enough, for others it will not. I accept that and the consequences that are likely to follow. I ask you to be open to this information and rely on your inner voice to judge its veracity.
To answer the question why she "chose" me... To clarify, she did not choose, she was directed to do it by the Arcturians. However, I asked her that very question and there were several reasons I was contacted. She said that this has been an ongoing process that had its beginnings with the message I was given in 1997. When I first saw and heard the 3D vision of the logo in 2001 it anchored relationship. From that point on I became convinced that communication was taking place on a higher level. As to why me, she said that the combination of my musical talent and acceptance of their presence was a determining factor. Ever since I started performing and studying music, I understood the power of sound and frequency to bypass the rational left brain and go directly to the heart. One doesn't have to analyze music with the left brain to understand it, it just simply is. This is their method of communication. You can think of sound and/or frequency as a carrier wave, much the same as radio waves. Radio transmitters use a carrier frequency/wave as the vehicle in which information rides along to its
destination. This is exactly what Itasha describes as their language; sound and frequency combined with images.
When you really think about it, human speech is nothing more than truncated singing. We use sound and frequency to form the words which ride upon that sound to listeners ears where it is processed. Words printed on a page have no meaning. They're just little piles of ink on paper. It isn't until we read it and "hear" the words in our head that they become meaningful. In the case of Arcturian language, combining sound and image is a higher form of communication than common speech. Itasha has often said that our speech is way too slow for her and she has to drastically slow down her thought processes in order to effectively communicate with us. In musical terms you can compare it to playing chords versus single notes. Playing a complex chord or cluster of notes simultaneously conveys much more information than playing a single note. In relation to images, an image of a tree conveys more information than the word itself. And in that way, Arcturian telepathy or language is in a sense, holographic.
Ultimately, my understanding of music and its power combined with my efforts at contact helped put me on their "A list" so to speak. From what Itasha has told me, they are working with many more people who have certain talents and/or abilities in a position to spread the knowledge they are given. I'm certainly not the only one to have been contacted in this way. If as she said, there are a million of them on this planet doing what she is doing, then I'm only one of countless others.
Paraphrasing her words, "We have been here for a long time. We have married you, had your children, and are working from within your civilization to bring you to next level of your evolution."
When you ponder this, it makes total sense. The whole landing on the White House lawn, take me to your leader scenario is probably the least effective way of bringing about the changes this planet so desperately needs.
by Jeff Becker
In addition to what Charlie mentioned about releasing medical records, Itasha said in the workshop on Sunday that she would submit to a medical exam, once only and with a spiritual doctor, to prove her physiological differences.