Author Topic: Genetically Modified Food: Panacea Or Poison ?  (Read 2819 times)

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Genetically Modified Food: Panacea Or Poison ?
« on: 24 April 2006, 09:13:31 »
Genetically Modified Food: Panacea Or Poison ?

In the last thirty years global demand for food has doubled. In a race to feed the planet, scientists have discovered how to manipulate DNA, the blueprint of life, and produce what they claim are stronger, more disease-resistant crops.

However, fears that Genetically Modified Food may not be safe for humans or the environment has sparked violent protest. Are we participating in a dangerous global nutritional experiment?

This informative film helps the viewer decide if the production of genetically modified food is a panacea for world hunger or a global poison.
Paul Dorneanu
"In a world of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell, 1984