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Creat de baaron, 19 Ianuarie 2006, 16:40:17

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Inter-Universe highway - Jupiter's Magnetosphere shows signature of the nearest artificial wormhole to the Hyperspace .
Scientists are all on a sudden looking at the Jupiter's Magnetosphere closely again. This time though the watchfulness has a different reason.. we may have found the first possible wormhole to the Hyperspace ? the Inter-Universe highway.

When the solar wind runs into a planetary magnetic field, the electrons and ions are deflected around it. The cavity that the planetary magnet carves out is called a Magnetosphere, shaped something like a comet, with a long tail. Like a comet, the tail points away from the sun. A parabolic shock wave lies upstream, slowing down the solar wind and making it more turbulent, in a sheath region outside the magnetosphere.
In Jupiter's magnetosphere, the outer curve (nearly a hyperbola) is the bow shock; the inner curve (almost a parabola) is the edge of the magnetosphere, called the magnetopause. The donut-shaped ring is the Io plasma torus. Io's volcanoes emit over a ton per second of sulfur dioxide, much of which is ionized (the electrons are kicked off the neutral atoms) by energetic electrons trapped in Jupiter's magnetic field. These plasmas are "spun up" by Jupiter's fast rotation so that the whole system rotates around with a 10-hour period. The whole system wobbles back and forth because the magnetic axis is tipped 11 degrees away from Jupiter's spin axis.

Computer models simulating the massive magnetosphere manifest something more than just the magnetosphere. It manifests an artificial wormhole with massive electromagnetic flux sources to keep the wormhole open for travel to and from the Hyperspace.

Even though Jupiter is only slightly bigger than Saturn, its magnetic field is 4 times as big in each dimension. And Jupiter's magnetic field is ten times the diameter of the Sun! Even though it is, on average, 5 times farther away than the Sun, Jupiter's magnetic field would appear roughly twice the apparent size of the sun.
A careful analysis shows that Jupiter?s massive magnetosphere really provides the necessary cover at the wormhole opening. The Magnetosphere also provides the electromagnetic flux intensity necessary for maintaining the wormhole there.
According to many scientists, Jupiter?s Magnetosphere was enhanced by a type III alien civilization to create a inter-Universe highway connecting our solar system to the Hyperspace.