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Titlu: UFO events in Romania
Scris de: app din 03 Septembrie 2014, 00:20:45
Saturday, August 30th, 2014. Road Pipera-Tunari, close to Baneasa. About 9 pm. My wife, my daughter and I saw 4 orange spheres flying around a few hundreds of meters over our home, similar to the one showed in this forum but bigger. The spheres exhibited a bright orange-white light in their lower part. They did not emit any sound. They flew in queue from E to W relatively slowly. We were so astonished, trying to understand what we were seeing, that we forgot to take photos (and now we regret it). Total sight duration was about 5 min. It was spectacular. We are physicists and we claim that the spheres were not any kind of plasma or atmospheric mechanism. They were devices.

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