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Links, links, nothing but links...pentru interesul Dumneavoastra 8-)
Voi deschide acest topic pentru a expune doar linkuri catre stiri noi aparute pe plan national si global bineteles pentru cei interesati de-a citi si de-a se interesa.
Rog a se pune cel putin titlul subiectului pentru a lasa cititorului, ca o idee despre ce este vorba in LINKUL respectiv.Va urez o citire placuta!

Mixing Animal, Human Cells Gets Exotic

--- Quote ---"You don't want a monkey with 95 percent of its brain cells being human," said Obasogie of the Center for Genetics and Society, "and to ensure that takes more than a recommendation."
--- End quote ---

interesant jackie...poate ca intr-o zi va scapa din laboratoarele lor vreo creatura gen centaur sau hidra sau himera,pegas,inorog,pan,ciclop,urias,om molie,om pasare, deja o gramada de virusuri au scapat....vezi gripa aviara...h5n1...

I saw a UFO coming out of the water!

--- Quote ---It was nine months since my wife and I saw a UFO coming out of the water before our very eyes.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---When the prophecies-within-prophecies are deciphered, the timeline of World War III is revealed. You will read about Osama Bin Laden, the next major terrorist attack on the US, a confrontation between the US and Iran/North Korea, and great detail on the timing and course of World War III.

--- End quote ---

Bomb Test video


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