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Creat de spooky, 29 Decembrie 2005, 15:15:59

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Hello to all of our visitors and New Members. No matter where you are from when you are here you are at HOME. So park your spaceship, pull up a chair and get comfortable. And for all the newly registered members, feel free to introduce yourself here at any time.
"In a world of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell, 1984


Hello I am from Bulgaria. I am a member of a bulgarian ufo and conspiracy portal  like this.It's address is  www.xnetbg.com . If you are interested feel free to visit us. You shall be our guests. The only difficulty could be that all of the contents of the site is in bulgarian.


Hello Prestor and welcome on RUFON..
We will check your network from Bulgaria and also you can talk with the Admin or Global Moderators from there for an english section on your site....the same like the one from here.

Feel free and share your thoughts with us....

See ya..


Hello dear friends, my name is Alexander and I am from Greece.

I am very interested in UFO matters, and I would like to catch up with things in Romania too. Can you suggest an on-line translator From Romanian language into english, or at least an online dictionary? Also, I would like to tell me, is it ok if ask something in English at the Romanian section, or english posts are strictly meant for the international section?

Thank you in advance.


Hello ApolloGR and welcome.

If you wanna ask something in english please do it here at english language section.

Thank you.
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