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Fake Space Shuttle Flights

Creat de Dharanis, 02 Iulie 2014, 08:56:28

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alx has requested a proof that no one is aboard the ISS missions.

A very clear demonstration that the space shuttle missions were faked, therefore the same analogy can be applied in the case of the ISS flights.

- There is an old saying that "Seeing is believing." For that reason, television has become the No. 1 tool of deception in America today. Through television we are made to see things we do not understand so that we will believe things that are not true. If television were used honestly and constructively, television could be a great force for good. Instead, it's used continually to hoax, deceive, and mislead us. Video-taping makes events which took place weeks or months ago look as if they were taking place "live" right before our eyes. Computer editing enables scenes to be spliced together to create completely artificial images that look real. Special effects of all kinds enable these television hoaxes to be very convincing indeed.

To begin with, we were led to believe that until two weeks ago no space shuttle had ever left the earth's atmosphere and gone into space. We were also led to believe that the very first space flight by a shuttle had to be an orbital flight, instead of something less extreme. To make matters still worse, NASA swore up and down that this very first flight, pushing the Shuttle to its limits, just had to have men aboard. At one point even John Young himself was quoted to this effect very widely in the controlled major media. For example, two months ago on February 15, the New York Times carried a big article about the Shuttle. Quoting from the article:
"Mr. Young said, to have conducted an unmanned orbital flight of the Shuttle first would have added perhaps $500,000,000 to project costs, and meant another year's delay."
Statements like that were cooked up purely to explain away the many things that did not add up about the announced plans for the Columbia's flight. Many people believe these explanations, but they were just a litany of lies. For example, time after time during the television coverage of the alleged flight this month, John Young's earlier statement was totally contradicted. Authoritative spokesmen pointed out over and over that the astronauts control the Shuttle by telling computers aboard the Shuttle what they want. The computers then do all the actual activation and control of the Shuttle—and, in an emergency, the Shuttle can fly itself into orbit, re-enter, and even land itself without help from the pilots. So much for all those lies NASA told us about an unmanned first flight being impossible.

The real reason astronauts were aboard the first orbital flight was the one I revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 62. It was a military mission, and the astronauts had to be aboard to carry it out. NASA told us that the flight this month was only a test flight with the cargo bay practically empty. But the cargo bay of the Columbia was not empty. It carried a laser-armed Spy Satellite equipped with special shields to protect it against Russian space weapons. "But wait a minute", you say. "They showed us live pictures from space and you could see that the bay was empty." No, my friends, not "live" pictures but video tapes. The pictures with the doors closed were taken inside a training mock-up of the shuttle that is carried inside a specially modified Boeing 747. The pictures with the doors open were taken on the ground inside a darkened hangar. Then these scenes were combined by video tape editing techniques with video tapes of the earth taken from orbit years ago. The final product was what you saw on television. It was not what it appeared to be, but "seeing is believing."

My friends, the next time you see a replay of those scenes with the Shuttle doors open, supposedly in space, there is a telltale clue to look for. Look at the shadows visible inside the open cargo bay. Shadows in space tend to be sharp and harsh because there is no air to soften and diffuse them. The shadows we saw in the video tapes on television were softer because they were not made in space. Also, look at the angle of the shadows. The earth is shown floating straight overhead, and it is all in daylight. Look at the slant of the shadows inside the open cargo bay, then ask yourself: "Where is the light coming from to make shadows like that?"

The impossible shadows which we saw in the Shuttle bay video tapes are just one small example of the many discrepancies in the NASA hoax. More to the point, NASA has pretended that the Columbia flight this month was the very first shuttle flight into space. We are supposed to believe that the only previous shuttle operations were a few gliding tests launched from mid air by another modified 747. Nothing could be more ridiculous or more untrue.

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