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Talking to ETs

Creat de fericire, 25 Aprilie 2006, 11:10:59

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(cartea exista si in limba romana: "De vorba cu extraterestrii", la editura For You)

    Who are you? What is your name and where are you from?

    Our name, the name of our group, is spelled and sounds much like your word, "sphinx," but this is only one of the words that you might label us with, just as others may refer to you this time around as a woman, mother, experiencer, Caucasian, American, earthling, etc. There is not just one of us here; there is a group of us. Where we are located is outside of your "jurisdiction," as you would say. We live in a place that is neither here nor there, for we jet from one galaxy to another. We communicate with you right now, not from a physical planet. At this moment, we are on a large craft resembling an entire neighborhood in size. And yet, if you are asking us about our original planet, we will tell you that it no longer exists-but then we are speaking of many thousands of years ago. That planet we destroyed, which propelled us to an understanding that we might want to awaken if we wanted to continue and further our species, and so we did. The name of that planet was Pluterous, but it no longer exists.
    Pluterous was located outside of your solar system, and we had developed it into a state of technology similar to your own, in which our technological ability far exceeded our spiritual development. Through accidental mutations of certain technology, we literally blew ourselves asunder. At the time, we had the capability to travel inter-galactically, and we did. We have moved from place to place as a group family, and we have lived on other physical planets, including, at times planets in close proximity to your own. Now you understand why we mentor you. You could say that God has sent us to you, like angels in a sense, to watch over you.
    We do not carry weaponry. We carry only substantial technological apparatus that enables us to come and go as we please and facilitate all manner of physical healings with certain members of your species.
    We first initiated contact with you many years ago. When we say "you," we mean your group there on the planet, and through trial and error somewhat, we have narrowed down our contact to a few hundred thousand of you. There are many other groups who have contact with many others of you. This contact ranges from full face-to-face encounters, such as the type that you experienced, as well as those to whom we come while they are in altered states of consciousness through meditation or during sleep. You personally will know us as we communicate, because you also feel a very strong energy, which seems to settle over you, while you are receiving.
    Our world is grossly under-populated from where you stand, and yet we have a comfortable ratio of beings to our resources, even though those resources are on a vast ship. When we dictate like this through you, we do so as a result of eons of intention between your lineage and ours. We don't pretend that you and your kind feel no resistance at all to us, coming through like this. We understand that you may feel some resistance. When we speak to you, we speak of worlds that are far different from yours, worlds that tear asunder your entrenched ideas of how life must be. To be travelers like we are is akin to your older citizens who take to the road with their motor homes in order to explore the vastness of your country; and we too in our maturity, although we are not in the last years of our life, have taken to the "road" in order to meet neighbors such as you and others, to mentor, and to communicate in order that we too may fulfill our highest destiny.
    Atlantis, before you, and our planet before us, are histories of what a species can do to itself when left unchecked. Do not assume that Atlantis was a myth, for many of you were there and experienced first hand the diatribes to which a few industries adhered and proclaimed as gospel. If you believe in the concept of a Holy Grail, you are believing in an idea that says there is always hope. Does it seem hopeless to point you in the direction to which we have been pointing you? When we speak of laying down your sword and feeling brotherly love, does this seem unrealistic? We tell you this: the more unrealistic it seems, the closer you are, potentially, to giving it a full examination. The reason for this is that you are running out of different ideas, different avenues, individually and culturally, and this is when one does come upon an enlightened path and step onto that path and find your way home.
    When God bestowed upon us the ability to reach other nations in other galaxies, as we are doing here, we rose to the occasion and took our mentorship quite seriously, in that we are overjoyed to communicate with you and also to lend a hand in whatever way we can.

        We Come In Peace
        With regard to our choice to not arm ourselves in space, you must first understand, in order to comprehend our position, where we are in our own spiritual evolution and development. We recognize fully that we cause our own experience. If we are enlightened beings and we own wholeheartedly that all of our experience is called to us by us, then for what reason would we arm ourselves? At this juncture we are not conflicted in our creations, that is to say we are not creating at one level and creating something different at another level of consciousness. We are integrated. We are united in thought, word, and deed. We are a unified whole, literally. And so we would no more slay an attacker than we would be an attacker.
    This is difficult for you to understand, for you live within an ideology in which you are so used to seeing yourselves at battle with someone else, whether it's your next door neighbor, your mother-in-law, your ex-wife, your ex-countryman-or even us-that you cannot imagine being at war with no one. We are at peace with ourselves and others. We have no reason to cause ourselves to be armed, for we are armed with our own causation. In other words, we take full responsibility for what we are creating and so, should we create adversaries that arrive on our front step, we would first understand that we are in the process of creating that. There would be no surprises. When you are at cause, you manifest from pure intention, and so we have long since lost the desire to protect ourselves from something. There is nothing to protect oneself from. If we were to be confronted with losing our life, we would gladly do so. What is there to fear?
    You mean if an adversary approached someone you loved, you would do nothing?
    We would do something, but it is not the something that you would do. We would, as would our loved ones, heal the moment as it is occurring. We would send love and resist nothing.
    This may be almost impossible for you to understand, and that is okay. But by the same token, we cannot adjust our response to your question simply because you balk at the response. Suppose that there was nothing to protect any more. Suppose you were at peace, and really did see your adversary as part of yourselves, and you took full responsibility for that adversary and that adversary's behavior. It puts your action and response to that other in a whole new light, doesn't it? And so we don't carry weaponry because we no longer utilize those tools. We have outgrown them and the need for them, just as your dentists may outgrow outmoded tools of dentistry and take on more efficient means of producing the same outcome. We have produced the same effect as you have attempted to produce with your instruments, but we do so, by necessity, without weapons.
    We instill peace by noticing how our thoughts create peace. We ensure harmony with ourselves and others by noticing that we are fully at cause and through our thoughts, words, and actions, we take responsibility for the peace, or for a state of conflict, that we have created. But then if we should create conflict, we do not then call it bad and attempt to disown it, pretending that we had nothing to do with it. That is insane. If your left hand slaps your right hand and your right hand then demands that the left hand be cut off, how then is the whole affected? Does that not, too, affect the right hand, having then no left? And so your question is understandable, given your present context.
    There is nothing to protect, and even if there were, weapons could not protect it. Safety or lack thereof is an illusion. You are all inherently safe. An environment where peace reigns is created by the inhabitants of that environment. If two inhabitants out of a group of one hundred attempt to create peace, but the other ninety-eight are war driven, those two are in a place of deep spiritual challenge, we would agree. Do you think that those two have not called that precise challenge to themselves? Perhaps once they were part of the majority that precipitated hostilities, and so a greater perspective is needed, and they may have called themselves to that minority position in which to always remember how precious peace is.
    Having had our experiences with "losing" our planetary home as a result of our own aggressions, we find peacefulness is a coveted state of being. By the way, we travel about not as nomads, but as scholars. We give the example of your senior citizens to show that in one's maturity there can also be a greater sense of awe at one's surroundings, as exhibited by much of your elderly, in which they recognize that perhaps they have fewer years left then have come to pass. And with this same deep appreciation for our galactic surroundings, we have undertaken a scholarly mission. We are not just simply tourists. We are universal anthropologists, and we have a great understanding of civilizations near and far; and so we come to you having this deep understanding of other species and a deep appreciation for where you are in your evolutionary cycle.
    You might consider us a group of Margaret Meads extraordinaire. We are not homeless as a matter of victimization; we are actually beyond demanding that one tiny pinprick of a location is our home. We are evolved to the point that we understand that the space in which we stand is our beloved home. Our family is all of our brethren, including you.
    When we come to a place where we recognize that there is nothing to protect-there is nothing so sacred that requires destroying another-there is a tremendous freedom in this. Can you imagine all of you simply one day laying down your weapons and taking them up no longer? There is an incredible understanding that says that nothing anymore belongs to you and only you, or is worth protecting. Your safety is guaranteed, for you are one of God's children and owners and inheritors of the universe. And so how can this possibly be taken from you?
    Yes, we are adept at making these ideas practical, which is why we are encouraging this communication, so that you can begin to ponder the implications of living in such a way, for it is your next step, believe it or not. Did you think that you would evolve over eons and still be carrying weapons around in space? Are you thinking that we have burglar alarms upon our flying craft? This is our universe as much as it is yours. And if someone would insist on taking our craft from us, before they could take it, we would cause them to have it. For we would simply need to consider how it was that they had been created in our reality. Granted, these are advanced ideas, to your way of thinking, but it is our truth, and we live that truth every day.
    We are one group of scholars who travel and study, yet there are many other groups as well who have taken up observation of your species. Most of those groups are benevolent, and we are familiar with many of them, for we have even studied them. We observers could be considered to be a bit crowded, with respect to the attention that is being given to you on your planet. There are many reasons for this, many of them obvious, such as noticing that you are at a critical juncture in your evolution, and it is a marvel to remember that moment in our own histories, in which we too made the conscious choice to evolve or to devolve. And this is a great observation, to also be a part of history on your planet, to help where we can, just as you send groups to the most impoverished areas of your planet, whether to build houses or to provide medical supplies. There is a deep satisfaction in seeing a group of you rise from spiritual poverty, despair, and sickness. And you can understand that, even in your own present state of evolution, this is still an important and revered way for many of you to spend your time and resources-helping those who are less endowed. What makes you think that that quality ceases to exist elsewhere? You are our children of Tijuana. Our efforts are our "Concert for Bangladesh." You are the reason for our airlifting of medical supplies to the outback. It is an honor to serve you in any way that we can.
    There are other groups who have different appearances, and many with similar appearances to us, who have as much to do with you as we have. There are some striking similarities. There are far fewer "kidnappers" in the galaxy than you might imagine. When you consider how many of you in your neighborhoods watch over each other's homes, children, pets, and even front lawns, the "deviant" is the rare exception. Most of you on the planet there, the masses of you, would help in any way you could, given the opportunity. And this ratio is duplicated in the universe as a whole. There are very few "deviants," considering the overall population of all that is.
    And just as your one assailant causes the majority of the reason for the morning news, when 99.9 percent of the world has undergone a peaceful evening and did not make the news, so it is with your relations with one potential deviant in the universe. That is the story that makes the Hollywood release or the television show. That is an incredible minority of all experiences and all contact. And yet that is what you focus upon. For right now, that is your way of the media, but that will change soon.
    And so, yes, there are other groups who are in concert with you and who mentor you as well. We are anthropologists who have dedicated our lives to the studying of species. If we were caused to give up our life, we certainly would for we have no fear of transitioning. Nor should you.
    The sun always comes up.