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Imagini spectaculoase pur si simplu

Creat de Xanadron, 08 Iunie 2011, 15:11:19

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Cristian 1

Citat din: SLEAH19 din  18 Decembrie 2014, 16:19:14
Da locatia unde a uitat D-zeu asta si va disparea din imagine, pur si simplu ...,,spectaculos,, !!
Da,asa e!Pentru cei ce nu stiu e vorba de Rosia Montana.Ca sa pot face poza asta,am riscat foarte mult... :-o


Zic si eu ceva spectaculos cum creste-n iarba lumina reflectata pe rugina Farului .
Timpul fuge ...demențial  :evil: :evil: deși e doar o iluzie de perceptie

Cristian 1

Da,se vede clar pe dreapta farului in interior,nuanta de ironie... :wink:

O parte din Transfagarasan.


O poza ce apartine celor ce au deschis pe FB pagina numita  "String Theory Development FaTe Model Page", autorul Mark A. Simpson & co. ( nu dau link pe FB dar gasiti usor pagina cu pricina).

Textele puse de Mark sunt cele de mai jos; "problema" ma depaseste ( tehnic ) cu mult, insa m-a uimit asemanarea intre "pozele" rezultate din simulari si tiparele rezultate din miscarile aparente ale corpurilor ceresti in raport cu pamantul ( de ex aici http://ecobrooklyn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/venus-earth.jpg - poza este din cartea A Little Book of Coincidence a lui John Martineau)  ori desenele din Chimia Oculta.

Pentru poza "de grup"

Citat12-18-2014 Addendum "The pattern of emergence for ALL MATTER redressed for Recent Principle Discoveries"

Important addendum to Theoretical Emergence for all Space-Time Particle Transforms. Upon multiple requests, I began tonight to analyze the question posed for Anti-Matter. How and Where does the anti-matter transform take place in the "Big Bang, or , Condensation Models" along with what I have established here in this chart ? This is a huge question, and I was braced for having difficulties
before me.

I began by first checking if the answer was simple....do I simply reverse the charge-space wavefront to the opposite polarity and then apply the cycloids as before, mapping each phase and half phase of transition? I had completed over half of the designs in the exercise when it occurred to me that this was not an intelligent solution. Why ? Because if we had resonant cavities of opposite
charges all of the wave sets they would simply cancel out / collapse with their neighbors. There is no way to establish a balance for charge space within the charge framework alone. So, what is the alternate possibility you might ask?

And that is where I did a little thinking. Looking at the history of particle physics, we first had Matter to explore, and then a little later Anti-matter, so we always rationalized that these were two sides of the same coin ,and that they cancelled each other out (almost anyway). After the quantum mechanics of the Big Bang, we assumed these were distributed in different parts of space and somehow
we lost more anti-matter than the quantity of Matter in the process. No one feels good about the imbalance, but no one had a good answer for that evidence. Then, lots of time went by and suddenly....we discovered Dark Matter !

Now, we are wondering how and where that Matter branched off on the tree of Matter formation. Are you beginning to see how an error due to our exploration order has potentially made us prejudiced in terms of how all of this might have emerged in the first place???

I have just begun to realize that we may be in a serious headache due to collectively assuming that Matter formed first, along with anti-matter, and then Dark Matter was left over as a result of incomplete Entropy conditions. Oh, and we are Soooo Wrong to assume that it is probably not funny to many of you.

Take a moment to see if you can guess at what I am about to say, with the knowledge and disclosure that I found a candidate for Dark Matter in the emergent mapping for Normal Matter............................

Okay, time is up......the answer is that it is very likely that Dark Matter came first. It is the type of Nucleonic material that recombines to form stars, setting into motion the emergence of Protons and Neutrons and also anti-protons and anti-neutrons, and the stars then produce all of the higher atomic elements we know. The stars that go nova distribute the Matter across space and we obtain the
solar systems and other evolutionary bodies in later gravity driven mechanics. It is even theorized that Dark Matter is playing a role still in the formation of the galaxies and solar system, but that topic is for another day.

A few very interesting clues to this that corroborate my perception have been staring us in the face my friends. The quark is the anti-quark of itself. The photon is the anti-photon of itself (if that is even useful) and the Higgs is the anti-Higgs of itself. All matter that forms from the stars,( which form from Dark Matter) , already contain the principal properties of Space-Time and Charge-Space that Nature Favors.

Now take this perception back to the early proposition.....Starting from my cycloid model for Singularity, and it's emergent path . There is no anti-singularity either.The path from Singularity to the Dark Matter is the only one nature provides. Matter and Antimatter branch after Dark Matter. The path I mapped and discovered is not precisely linear to the order of sequencing, because of the thermodynamics of the individual forms and their transforms. That means that the energy pathway that is favored from the Big Bang would have produced the Dark Matter first, and that this serves as the branch point requiring more energy (star formation) to produce normal matter and antimatter !!!! The Dark Matter is where the emergent pathway splits !!

That implies that nature has placed favorable charge space requirements on us right at the Planck level of spatial topology. And, it also does so again nearly as rigorously, at higher complexity transforms when we branch from Dark Matter to Normal Matter and Antimatter. Even though they are more complex, the transform is still effected at the Planck charge level according to space-time when the stars begin to transform the Dark Matter to free energy. The order of this proposed redress of emergent particles could then explain the distribution of different types of matter both qualitatively and quantitatively.

To me , this is viewing the Universe in a very clear and precise way. I suspect that others have already recognized this possibility in their own cosmological work, so if I am beating some to the publication, I do apologize.

One last observation.. This paradigm shift also suggests strongly the the Planck level function for Optical Magnetic fields IS responsible for this favorable choice at both levels of transform. Since I have gone a long long way to give you something wonderful to consider, I can go to bed tonight without a real headache. Imagine trying to sleep and write about this in the morning

Sincerely, Mark A. Simpson

Si pentru "singular"
CitatSingle Hadron Stereoscopic Field Map Combining Cycloid and OM Fields

The Optical Magnetic Fields of Hyperspace are now aligned to the Charge->Space->Time Cycloid Map. This unveils the first theoretical optical charge map for space-time that represents the Hadron, a manifold of 3 quarks. I believe this is an exciting advancement in the presentation of the complex charge and spin of the quarks.
The post that comes next joins the two hadrons to form a complete single proton. The white ring is the remnant of the camera cut-angle which slices through the holodynamic plane, where the two halves of the proton will be joined to show a full OM Field group. I may add comments tomorrow, but I wanted to keep my promise and present the next step of synthesis tonight to stay on posting schedule. I find this step to be very satisfying to present. It is a feel-good moment to see these functions in such splendor.

Remember to cross your eyes and move the screen slightly away to get a stable view of multiple layers of information.
"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business." ― Tom Robbins


Nici nu seamăna nici nu aduce. Modul de trasare al desenelor este complet diferit. Doar înțelegând cum au fost trasate traiectoriile ne dăm seama de diferența dintre cele microscopice și cele macroscopice.
distanța dintre a observa și a descoperi este cuprinsă între zero și infinit

Cristian 1


Deszapeziri in Japonia - desi nici p-acolo iarna nu-i ca vara, :wink: coeziunea sociala inca nu-i in coma.

...Poate ca Fukushima a fost si-o incercare subversiva de subminare a ei? Ca de teste nu cred sa mai fi fost nevoie.
Efectul a fost oricum unul invers, dar pasivitatea oficiala post-tsunamica demonstreaza ca si-acolo are un :evil: coada bagata.
Trăim pe-o planetă nebună - opriţi-o să mă cobor !!!


 Sunt convinsa ca le-ati mai vazut... dar le postez pentru ca sunt deosebite si pentru ca  am vazut recent filmul  " I Origins" (multumesc @mr pentru recomandare) .
"Cine caută adevărul îşi asumă riscul de a-l găsi."


 Foc ...

Prin "92 sau "93, in August, am avut norocul sa vad la Costinesti un fenomen asemanator cu cel din imaginea a doua ( cu balaceala inclusa desigur... )
"Cine caută adevărul îşi asumă riscul de a-l găsi."


Prin credinta a fost mutat Enoh de pe pamânt, ca sa nu vada moartea. Si n-a mai fost gasit, pentru ca Dumnezeu îl mutase. Caci înainte de mutarea lui, primise marturia ca este placut lui Dumnezeu.   Evrei 11:05


Un soare cu halou fotografiat azi dimineata.
În credinta au murit toti acestia, fara sa fi capatat lucrurile fagaduite, ci  doar le-au vazut si le-au urat de bine de departe, marturisind ca sunt straini si calatori pe pamînt.  Evrei 11:13-16.


"Cine caută adevărul îşi asumă riscul de a-l găsi."