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Alien Autopsy (2006)
Nu pierdeti acest film,am vazut clipul si pot spune ca pare bestial  :-D

De pe legatura de mai jos puteti vedea cam despre ce este vorba 8-)

Apropo de Roswell, iata ce am citit recent intr-o recenzie a unei carti>

Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story

"IT WAS A CONSPIRACY TO HIDE A SECRET EXPERIMENT ""RAAF captures flying saucer on ranch in Roswell region."" Ever since this provocative headline appeared on July 8, 1947, conspiracy theorists have sincerely believed that the U.S. government has maintained an extensive operation of cover-up-and-denial regarding its knowledge of alien life. But there was, in fact, no UFO crash with dead alien bodies. What really happened on that fateful day is much more sinister. The persistent rumors surrounding the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, are part of a bigger conspiracy -- one orchestrated and fostered by the government itself as a smokescreen to bury a truth that is much darker, and disturbingly, far more believable. Now, through never-before-revealed testimony from military whistleblowers, eyewitness intelligence reports, and an astonishing body of corroborative evidence, Nick Redfern lays out a shockingly plausible new theory on the Roswell incident: that the crash-site discovery of prototype military aircraft would expose a damning secret -- a highly confidential, U.S. government-sanctioned program to conduct medical experiments on deformed, handicapped, disfigured, and diseased Japanese POWs, exploited as ""expendable"" victims by their captors. An important account that forces us to take a closer look at both the Roswell story and post-war American history, BODY SNATCHERS IN THE DESERT casts a startling, new light on a shocking conspiracy more than half a century in the making. "

uitate putin pe linkul de mai jos sa vezi ce zice Stanton T. Friedman despre cartea ''Body Snatchers in the Desert''

In principiu fiecare poate avea pareri diferite despre anumite subiecte...
Imi cer scuze pentru dezinformare, dar eu am gasit-o intamplator si m-am gandit ca ar fi inteeresanta informatie, desi vad acum ca nu e foarte exacta  :oops:

Stau si ma gindesc. Oare Ozenautzii, stiu cit material se vehiculeaza pe internet la noi, referitor la ei? S-ar putea ca despre unele sa rida si cu... de cele scrise. Oare nu e cazul sa intre si ei pe Forum sa-si spuna parerea? Sau nu prea stiu sa scrie in caracterele cu care scriem noi. Cum de altfel in toate filmele aparute, vorbesc bumai in lb. engleza.


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