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Creat de baaron, 19 Ianuarie 2006, 16:36:51

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Multidimensional Physics understands and models extra-terrestrial UFOs.
Biggest problem with conventional Physics is that it is based on three, at best four dimensions. It fails to understand the multidimensional perspective of advanced science and engineering. The biggest problem is that traditional engineering is based on completely outdated traditional Physics. The traditional Physics moved very little in the last fifty years and there lies the biggest problem of the UFO bashers. They just cannot look beyond the large wall they created for themselves. If Newton was alive today, he will remind us that every Physicist pick pebbles on the sea shore and we are still no where compared to the multidimensional nature of parallel universes and the concept of bending time and space.

The problem of conventional Physics became very clear when scientists and engineers tried to model extraterrestrial UFO technologies. The Universe works off many dimensions. We just cannot model it in three or four dimensions.

But there is help. Looking beyond existing theoretical Physics, engineers decided to use compute algorithms to model multidimensional phenomenon. It is possible for a computer to model multidimensional phenomenon in a three dimensional media. The biggest problem is our vision and perception (of all humans) is restricted to three dimensions. We cannot even see the fourth or time dimension. But the problem can be solved by complex algorithmic approaches. Then there are more problems. Our computing technologies are backdated too. The fastest super computers fail to model real multidimensional models. Smart algorithms can be used to avoid the ?outdated? computing environment. But that is a lot of pressure on the computer algorithm generators. They are trying to make up what Physicists failed to deliver.

While reverse engineering the UFO technologies, it becomes clear that the flight pattern and stealth cannot be modeled based on three dimensional statistics and dynamics with little regard to multidimensional nature of space, Universe and parallel Universe. When things fail to register in our primitive scientific infrastructure, we start bashing UFO researchers. At the same time though, the defense researchers in every country starting from Germany before the Second World War to today all the super powers have tried to reverse engineer these technologies while trying to deny their existence. Interestingly, the defense scientists and engineers disregarded these apparent impossibilities and have moved forward taking the technologies forward.