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Creat de baaron, 19 Ianuarie 2006, 16:33:24

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Strange life forms or a landing base?
CALLISTO - the third largest moon in the solar system

Scientists observing the second largest moon of Jupiter and the third largest moon in the solar system are puzzled. Compuet models analyzing time sequenced images are showing some strange things. When the algorithm is further refined, it shows strange movements in the crust.
It orbits just beyond Jupiter's main radiation belt. Callisto is the most heavily cratered satellite in the solar system. Its crust is very ancient and dates back 4 billion years, just shortly after the solar system was formed.
According to some forward-looking scientists, there are strange life forms in Callisto that can survive with water without any atmosphere. The concept of that kind of life forms is not new.
There is another possibility. The older nature of the crust of Callisto and presence water in the form of ice makes it an excellent candidate for landing base of any extraterrestrial space travel. The large impact basins make it ideal for such activities.

Callisto has a crust of 130 miles. It is much lighter and less dense compared to earth. Below the crust there is a salty ocean of water. That makes it even more suitable for life forms that can survive without any atmosphere. In that sub-crust ocean, some researchers believe, an atmosphere lies similar to that of earth. That will make it even more probable for life forms to survive.