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Creat de baaron, 18 Ianuarie 2006, 02:37:09

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Life may not be what we think it is ... multidimensional, hierarchical, renewable indestructible form of energy spanning across the Universes

Life may not be what we think it is. Our concept of life is that of a cell like Amoeba or an animal or at best a plant. But according contemporary ultimate frontier of science where science and spirituality overlap each other, the soul or essence of life is really multidimensional renewable indestructible form of energy spanning across the Universes.
Like dark matter it is another form of energy that spans across the parallel Universes. The energy is hierarchical, interconnected and hovers around many more dimensions than four dimensions we are familiar with.
In simple words, a life in earth may be actually interconnected many other lives. They get renewed and span across multidimensional parallel Universes.
According to some scientists and physicists it is just another big discovery waiting to happen. Just like ten years back, there was no concept about dark energy and the entire world could believe in was gravity and magnetism; today we just cannot believe what life and soul is all about!

This new form of energy is interconnected, distributed and span across the Universes. That means you may be living in multiple Universes at the same time. This also means all or some human beings are connected to each other. All the souls together form a Union just like all the cells in our bodies form a Union called human being.
Simply put, this theory says earth and every planetary body that has energy fields associated with it like gravity, geomagnetism are actually live.
According to scientific think tanks it is very complex in nature. According to this theory, reincarnation is just normal. Also, life may continue as the specific energy levels continue to evolve into higher states till ?Nirvana? is reached. At that point of time, the life may be transformed into higher level like that of a star or even a Universe.