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Creat de baaron, 18 Ianuarie 2006, 02:30:25

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Reading human mind using spatial techniques of higher dimension and parallel universe
Can you really find out what someone else is thinking? According physicists dealing with parallel universe and spatial technologies instead of quantum mechanics and related fields, it is possible. Human mind has the unique capability to project itself into higher dimension of spatial structures that can communicate with another mind through the use of electromagnetic media.
According to these scientists, initial experiments in determining electromagnetic influences in higher dimension of parallel universes produce very strange results. Human mind can sense the electromagnetic spatial waves through the access to the parallel universe. Some human beings are blessed with the ability to sense other?s thinking processes. These exceptional mental abilities sense the electromagnetic spatial flux or change of intensity to find what others are thinking. The connection to other mind happens through the parallel universe and the mind sensing receptors can read spatial variations. No physical device can be created to sense the spatial variations because the traditional physics and chemistry that dictate the laws of physical universe fail in higher dimensions.

Scientists are trying to find out if something can trigger the mind reading receptors and sensors in human brain. The internal of human brain and especially soul and mind is still mostly obscure. One thing is for certain that human mind can traverse the parallel universe easily all the time. That is where we communicate with others without even knowing that we are communicating. The communication with many other living beings and even extraterrestrials occur in the absence of knowledge in the physical universe. The subconscious mind traverses the parallel universes.
A recent experiment to enhance the normal ungifted capability to read someone else?s thinking showed excellent results when the environment was charged with positive ions and electromagnetic force field was applied to alter the immediate environment. The capabilities were back to normal when the controlled size of the environment was opened up and the change in environment was not focused on a target mind.
Another experiment tried to focus the force fields to a ?target mind?. The results were wired because terrestrial technologies do not have the power or capabilities to target the force field in a specific mind target. Physical universe points or line of references like longitudes and latitudes cannot define mind targets. We just do not know how to map and find some one or another mind in the parallel universe.

Those with power of telepathy have the gifted capabilities to map and find some one in the spatial structures of the parallel universe. But not all of us can do it. Research is continuing if a human mind can be triggered to read others mind through artificial means. Once we achieve that we will be able to communicate to others without physical means like talking, hearing or reading or writing.