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Fusion reactors can tap unlimited energy from the Hyper-dimensional parallel Universes ...
Endless energy can be tapped from the Fusion reactors. The conventional fusion of light material is not the real answer to tapping endless energy from the Hyperspace and Hyper-dimensional parallel Universes.
Fusion power is useful energy generated by nuclear fusion reactions. In this kind of reaction two light atomic nuclei fuse together to form a heavier nucleus and release energy. There are ongoing experimental attempts to build fusion power generators, but so far none continuously generates more energy than it uses.

Scientists have focused on something little different in a fussion reactors. They are not interested any more in just release of energy when two light atomic nuclei fuse together to form a heavier nucleus.
If two light nuclei come close enough to each other, they may fuse to form a single nucleus with a slightly smaller mass than the sum of their original masses. The difference in mass is released as energy according to Einstein's relationship E = mc?. However if the two nuclei are too heavy, then the resulting fusion product will be heavier than the reactants, and the reaction requires the addtion of energy to convert into the additional mass. This is the case that has taken center stage among classified defense research in many countries.
Fussion of two heavier nucle needs additional energy and the process generates virtual particles. These virtual particles are actually part of the Hypespace and can belong in some cases to Hyper-dimensional parallel Universes. Scientists are eager to trace these virtual particles, follow their path, create enogh to eventually find and use microscopic opeings to the Hyperspace.
Once the opening to Hyperspace is achieved, fussion reactors can start tapping endless energy.
The process of the desired fusion can be achieved through Controlled thermonuclear fusion (CTF). It uses explosions that are so small that they do not destroy a significant portion of the machine that produces them. The net result of tapping the Hyperspace can still be achieved.
To produce self-sustaining fusion, the energy released by the reaction (or at least a fraction of it) must be used to heat new reactant nuclei and keep them hot long enough that they also undergo fusion reactions. Retaining the heat is called energy confinement. It provides the first glimpse of tapping the hyperspace.