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Creat de baaron, 18 Ianuarie 2006, 02:17:52

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Why should anyone be interested in the Mayan calendar? We don't need another calendar do we? Maybe, yes. We have all been seriously slighted on information about the grand civilizations that arose in Central America. What information we have gotten about the Mayan or Aztec civilizations was, to varying degrees, twisted to suit the messenger, not the truth. Not a new story is it? But what those cultures left us, as clues, carved in stone and grown over in the jungles, are a new and very important story.

Our culture, as opposed to indigenous cultures, is cut off from our natural surroundings and to the "Natural Cycles" of life. One could say we are fixated or even addicted to convenience and glitz. Probably less than 5% of the people you know could tell you what phase the moon is in. Why not? They are not paying attention. What are they paying attention to?

If you want to have a good relationship, say, with your mother. You have got to pay attention to her. If you talk to your garden and love the plants they will grow bigger and better. Quantum physicists have now proven that all of our reality is set up on the principle of "As above so below." Repeating patterns of creation form microscopic to galactic. Which then says; "What is good for your garden and your mother is good for Mother Earth." So how do you pay attention to a whole planet? By watching the timing of the natural cycles. By just noticing the natural cycles you are paying reverence to those cycles. Some would call this "counting your blessings" as indeed these are our blessings.

Our mental disconnection from these underlying timing patterns of our evolvement as the human race has caused an increasing unbalance of emotion. We exhibit this with crime, pollution and wars, Mother Earth's upset is expressed with "Weird Weather", earthquakes and volcanoes. All simply because. WE AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION ANY MORE. If we seriously want to heal our relationship with Mother Earth, as more and more of us do. We must spend some "quality time" paying attention to these natural cycles. Doing things like, watching a moonrise, sitting through a sunset or finding North, South, East and West from where you are now, these are natural cycles. Not too tough a duty is it?

The Mayan scared calendar, The Tzolkin, describes the timing of every cycle we can detect. From an electron's frequency of orbit around it's nucleus, to the musical scale, to our own 26,000 year orbit known as the procession of equinoxes, this calendar system does it all. This marvelous ancient invention actually weaves the Binary and the Fibernaci sequences together. These two number sequences have been shown to be the base patterns for all of biology and chemistry. The Mayan sacred calendar blends these frequencies into a ratio of 13:20. Our physical existence on this planet is tied directly to the ratio of 13:20. There are 13 cycles of the moon in one year. The human reproduction cycle follows this moon cycle. 13 is the number of major joints in your body. You have 20 fingers and toes. There are 20 different amino acids that make up the codons of your DNA. 13 x 20 = 260. There are 260 days in the Tzolkin calendar. 260 days are 9 months, the gestation period of the human being. Your own study of the Mayan calendar would unfold many more examples then we have the time or space to mention here. Suffice it to say, these Maya guys "got somthin goin on" with their calendar.

By simply following the days on the Mayan calendar, you become entrained or synchronized, with the natural cycles that are timed by this calendar. Thus your time becomes more natural and less mechanical. No sweat no strain just a flow of attention on what day it is. You will start to notice more and more of these cycles. Sort of like all those "Red Volkswagens" you are now going to notice on the road just because we brought up the subject.

The Mayan calendar was left here for us to use. It is a tool, to gently and naturally, recalibrate our mind set for the changes we all feel must come if life is to continue on this planet.