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Iata un film cel putin interesant.
Puteti vedea aici doua obiecte care planau deasupra unui camp si (surpriza!) acolo apar niste urme ciudate.
Credeti ca e real?  :-)

Cafenea / Un asteroid ar putea lovi Pamantul in 2029 sau 2041
« : 17 Februarie 2007, 15:53:19 »
Un asteroid ar putea lovi Pãmântul în 2029 sau în 2041, potrivit ONU ºi NASA. Cosmonautul român Dumitru Prunariu concepe, alaturi de alþi cercetãtori, un „tractor spaþial” care sã salveze planeta. Specialiºtii din Comisia ONU pentru exploatarea în scopuri paºnice a spaþiului extraatmosferic s-a reunit zilele acestea la Viena, pentru a „identifica ºi cataloga toate obiectele cosmice care ar putea reprezenta un pericol real pentru Pãmânt“.

Dumitru Prunariu, reprezentantul României în Comisia de specialitate a ONU este de pãrere cã „scenariul filmului „Armaghedon” este perfect plauzibil”. O soluþie propusã de Asociaþia Exploratorilor Spaþiului Cosmic este crearea unui „tractor spaþial“, care sã se deplaseze cu câþiva ani înainte în preajma asteroidului presupus. Acesta ar intersecta orbita Pãmântului ºi ar aplica acestuia o forþã pe o direcþie datã, astfel încât orbita asteroidului sã se modifice suficient pentru a-i schimba traiectoria ºi a ocoli Pãmântul.

Potrivit lui Prunariu, dacã acest lucru este fãcut cu „ani buni înainte, dacã motoarele tractorului spaþial ar funcþiona suficient de mult timp, ani mulþi, atunci asemenea scenarii pot avea succes“.


Evenimente OZN în lume / OZN fotografiat in Hawaii
« : 02 Februarie 2007, 22:38:58 »
Un caz destul de recent.
Las linkul catre articol.
Astept parerile voastre.

Arheologie - Astronautica Antica / Lemuria
« : 24 Ianuarie 2007, 22:56:41 »
Continentul Lemuria a rezistat timp de 60.000 - 70.000 de ani. In timpul erei lemurienilor, constiinta planetei a devenit predominant intuitiva si feminina. Lemurienii au avut tehnologie pe care noi nu o putem intelege inca cum ar fi un gen de vergele care lucrau doar atunci cand mintea si inima lor se uneau.
Plasandu-ne inapoi in timp, in Lemuria, in urma cu aproximativ 80.000 de ani, sau inainte cu 1.000 de ani inainte de scufundarea acestui continent -- s-a scufundat foarte lent la inceput --, acolo au trait un cuplu, Ay si Tyia. Ay si Tyia au obtinut nemurirea fizica in cursul vietii lor si au deschis o scoala ezoterica pentru a invata imortalitatea si inaltarea - Scoala de Mistere Naacal. Inaltarea este o metoda de translatare constienta dintr-o lume (dimensiune) in alta, luand si corpul cu tine. Inaltarea difera de renastere, care reprezinta o translatare constienta dintr-o lume in alta prin moarte apoi recreerea corpului de lumina in cealalta lume. In cursul existentei sale, la aceasta scoala au absolvit aproximativ 1.000 de maestrii nemuritori, pana in timpul cand Lemuria s-a scufundat rapid. Extrem de intuitiva, rasa lemuriana stia ca se va scufunda; ei erau bine pregatiti pentru acest eveniment, asa ca au fost probabil foarte putine accidente si intamplari neprevazute. Lemurienii au migrat atat spre sud in zone cum ar fi lacul Titicaca in Peru cat si spre nord, in zone cum ar fi muntele Shasta din California.

Mai stiti si altceva despre Lemuria? Va invit sa scrieti.  :wink:  :-)

Noua Ordine Mondiala (NOM/NWO) / Ce este Dumnezeu?
« : 23 Noiembrie 2006, 14:22:05 »
Topicul Adevaratul nume al lui Dumnezeu a cam deviat, iar pentru revenirea sa am deschis acest topic. Deci, ce credeti ca este Dumnezeu? Va invit sa va spuneti parerea.
PS: Eu votez pentru O divinitate, asa cum e descrisa in Biblie.
LE: Daca vreti sa mai adaug vreo optiune, imi spuneti.  :wink:

Cafenea / Minunile tehnologiei
« : 19 Noiembrie 2006, 19:20:28 »
Cred ca titlul spune totul... :wink:
Va invit sa postati aici tot ce gasiti interesant si despre care credeti ca s-ar incadra in acest topic.
O sa incep eu cu acesti robotei dansatori. :-)

General UFO Discussions / The Dragon's Triangle
« : 09 Noiembrie 2006, 00:11:07 »

The Dragon's Triangle
by Ade Dimmick
In recent years much has been written about the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious
phenomena associated with it. Most of us are aware that the Bermuda Triangle is a
triangular shaped area of ocean stretching from the Straits of Florida, north−east to
Bermuda, south to Lesser Antilles and then back to Florida. Less known, on the other side of
the world, there exists a similar area of ocean known as the Dragon’s Triangle.
The Dragon’s Triangle follows a tine from Western Japan, north of Tokyo, to a point in the
Pacific at an approximate latitude of 145 degrees east. It turns west south west, past the
Bonin Islands, then down to Guam and Yap, west towards Tiawan, before heading back to
Japan in a north north easterly direction. Both areas share stories of missing maritime
vessels and aircraft, reports of malfunctioning navigational and communication equipment
and tales of drifting, crewless ghost ships.
Both areas bear markedly similar geographical characteristics. Each lie at exact opposite
side of the globe longitude 35 degrees west and east respectively. Both are triangle in shape
and are located in areas of high volcanic activity; situated at the eastern end of continental
masses, where the ocean floor varies in depth from being relatively shallow to some of the
deepest ocean trenches in the world. They are also prone to extreme weather conditions
which range from sudden localised fogs, giant waves, whirlpools, sea − quakes and
minicanes − intense localised hurricanes. The Dragon’s Triangle in particular, bears
testament to an ever−changing seascape. Islands and lands masses have formed and
disappeared literally ovemight through volcanic activity and seaquakes. Records reveal
islands charted by experienced navigators, and documented as having been visited; yet
years later no trace of these places could be found!
Another common factor is the existence of agonic lines − lines of no magnetic variation,
along which the magnetic needte points directly north and south. The principle agonic line in
the Westem Hemisphere runs directly through the Bermuda triangle, whilst the principle
agonic line in the Eastem Hemisphere runs through the Dragon’s triangle. Which in both
cases often leads to extreme compass deviation in the surrounding area. For over a
thousand years, possibly longer, the Japanese and their neighbours have recorded strange
occurrences and disappearances. Ancient records tell of restless dragons surfacing from the
depths, and taking unfortunate mariners back to their underground lairs. Legends dating
back to c.10008c tell of underwater palaces inhabited by dragons and of a great slumbering
dragon which lived in the cavern beneath the sea.
However, it wasn’t until the late 1960’s that western attention was drawn to this eastem
phenomena, and connections made with the Bermuda Triangle. Despite frequent coverage
in the Japanese media of disappearances, reports rarely made the international press.
Language bar~iers and racist attitudes may have a lot to do with this. One wonders how well
known the Bermuda Triangle might have been if it wasn’t situated off the coast of the United
In ancient times such happenings were explained by the interventions of gods, demons and
mythical creatures. Today, the fate of the missing craft and crews remains a mystery;
although many explanations have been suggested. These include, alien abduction, the
disappearance into a "black hole" or gateway to another dimension, time or parallel universe.
The deatruction and disappearance without trace by extreme natural phenomena. Falling
prey to covert military or scientific experimentation or abduction by "unfriendly forces". Even
elaborate insurance fraud has been suggested; whereby ships end up in breakers yards and
are reported missing in the triangle!
Whatever the answer, the Dragon’s Triangle, along with it’s Bermudan equivalent, remains
one of the world’s best kept secrets. Pefiaps the answer lies with the great slumbering

Cafenea / Test:Fake or Real
« : 03 Noiembrie 2006, 16:40:54 »
Un test interesant...
Sunt 45 de imagini si trebuie sa decideti daca sunt false sau reale.
Sa-mi spuneti si mie ce procent ati obtinut! :-D

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