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Video [legaturi] / Link-uri pentru 2+ ochi
« : 23 Septembrie 2007, 07:34:36 »
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Video [legaturi] / Aria Invictus - o oaza firesc de interesanta
« : 22 Septembrie 2007, 04:18:58 »

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

The world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it, you think it's real, because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round and it has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and it's very loud. And it's fun, for a while.

Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question: 'Is this real? Or is this just a ride?' And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and they say 'Hey! Don't worry, don't be afraid -- ever -- because... this is just a ride.' And we kill those people.'Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride! Shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry; look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.' It's just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that -- ever notice that? -- and we let the demons run amok.

But it doesn't matter, because... it's just a ride, and we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort. No worry. No job. No savings and money. Just a choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door, buy bigger guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, into a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defense each year and, instead, spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would do many times over -- not one human being excluded -- and we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever. In peace." - Bill Hicks

Man is conditioned right from the beginning of his life that the world he lives in has an absolute material reality. So he grows up under the effect of this conditioning and builds his entire life on this viewpoint. The findings of modern science, however, have revealed a completely different and significant reality than what is presumed.

All the information that we have about the external world is conveyed to us by our five senses. The world we know of consists of what our eyes see, our ears hear, our noses smell, our tongues taste, and our hands feel. Man is dependent on only those five senses since birth. That is why he knows the “external world” only the way it is presented by these senses. Yet, scientific research carried out on our senses has revealed very different facts about what we call the “external world”, and these facts have brought to light a very important secret about matter which makes up the external world.

Contemporary thinker Frederick Vester explains the point that science has reached on this subject:
Statements of some scientists posing that "man is an image, everything experienced is temporary and deceptive, and this universe is a shadow", seems to be proven by science in our day. In order to better grasp this secret behind matter, let us be reminded of our information about our “sense of sight” which provides us with the most extensive information about the external world.

The act of seeing is realised progressively. At the instance of seeing, light clusters called photons travel from the object to the eye and pass through the eye lens where they are refracted and focus on the retina at the back of the eye. Here, rays are turned into electrical signals and then transmitted by neurons to the centre of vision at the back of the brain. Our sight actually takes place in this centre in the brain. All the images we view in our lives and all the events we experience are actually experienced in this tiny and dark place. The boundless landscape you see when you gaze at the horizon actually fit into this place of a few cubic centimeters. Now, let us reconsider this information more carefully. When we say, "we see", we actually see the “effect” the rays reaching our eyes form in our brain by being converted into electric signals. When we say, "we see", we actually observe the electrical signals in our brain. By the way, there is another point that has to be kept in mind; the brain is sealed to light and its interior is absolutely dark. Therefore, it is never possible for the brain to contact with light itself. We can explain this interesting situation with an example: Let us suppose that in front of us there is a burning candle and we view its light. During this period when we view the candle’s light, the inside of our skull and our brain are in absolute darkness. The light of the candle never illuminates our brain and our centre of vision. However, we watch a colourful and bright world inside our dark brain.

The same situation applies to all our other senses. Sound, touch, taste and smell are all perceived in the brain as electrical signals. Therefore, our brains, throughout our lives, do not confront the "original" of the matter existing outside us, but rather an electrical copy of it formed inside our brain. It is at this point that we are misled by assuming these copies are instances of real matter outside us. These physical facts make us come to an indisputable conclusion. Everything we see, touch, hear, and perceive as "matter", "the world" or "the universe" is only electrical signals in our brain. For instance, we see a bird in the external world. In real, this bird is not in the external world, but in our brain. The light particles reflecting from the bird reach our eye and there they are converted into electrical signals. These signals are transmitted by neurons to the centre of vision in the brain. The bird we see is in fact the electric signals in our brain. If the sight nerves travelling to the brain were disconnected, the image of the bird would suddenly disappear. In the same manner, the bird sounds we hear are also in our brain. If the nerve travelling from the ear to the brain was disconnected, there would be no sound left. Put simply, the bird, the shape of which we see, and the sound of which we hear is nothing but the brain’s interpretation of electrical signals.

Another point to be considered here is the sense of distance. For example the distance between you and this screen, is nothing but a feeling of space formed in your brain. Also, objects that seem to be very distant in one person's view are actually images clustered at one spot in the brain. For instance, someone who watches the stars in the sky assumes that they are millions of light-years away from him. Yet, the stars are right inside himself, at the centre of vision of his brain.

So far, we have been speaking repeatedly of an "external world" and a world of perceptions formed in our brain, the latter of which is what we see. However, since we can never actually reach the "external world", how can we be sure that such a world really exists? Definitely we cannot. The only reality we cope with is the world of perceptions we live within our minds. We believe in the existence of objects just because we see and touch them, and they are reflected to us by our perceptions. However, our perceptions are only ideas in our mind. Thus, objects we captivate by perceptions are nothing but ideas, and these ideas are essentially in nowhere but our mind… Since all these exist only in the mind, then it means that we are beguiled by deceptions when we imagine the universe and things to have an existence outside the mind. To imagine matter to have an existence outside the mind is indeed a deception. The perceptions we observe may well be coming from an "artificial" source.

First, let us suppose that we could take our brain out of our body and keep it alive in a glass jar. Let us put a computer in which all kinds of information can be recorded. Finally, let us transmit the electrical signals of all the data related to a setting such as image, sound and smell to this computer. Let us connect this computer to the sensory centres in our brain with electrodes and send the pre-recorded data to our brain. As our brain perceives these signals, it will see and live the setting correlated with these. From this computer, we can send to our brain also signals pertaining to our own image. For instance, we can send to our brain the electrical correlates of such senses as sight, hearing and touch that we perceive while we sit at a desk. In that state, our brain would think itself as a businessman sitting in his office.

This imaginary world would continue as long as the stimulations keep coming from the computer. We would never realise that we only consist of a brain. It is indeed very easy for us to be deceived into believing perceptions without any material correlates to be real. This is just what happens in our dreams.

For you, reality is all that can be touched with the hand and seen with the eye. In your dreams you can also “touch with your hand and see with your eye”, but in reality you have neither hand nor eye, nor is there anything that can be touched or seen. However, taking what you perceive in your dream to be material realities, you are simply deceived. For example a person deeply asleep in his bed may see himself in an entirely different world in his dream. He may dream that he is a pilot and command a giant aeroplane, and even spend a great effort to command the plane. In fact, this person has not taken even one step away from his bed. In his dreams, he may visit different settings and meet with friends, have a chat with them, eat and drink together. Even though these are mere perceptions that have no material correlations, they are experienced in a completely realistic manner. It is only when the person awakes from his dream that he realises all were only perceptions.

If we are able to live easily in an unreal world during our dreams, the same thing can equally be true for the world we live in. When we wake up from a dream, there is no logical reason for not thinking that we have entered a longer dream that we call real life. The reason we consider our dream to be fancy and the world as real is nothing but a product of our habits and prejudices. This suggests that we may well be awoken from the life on earth which we think we are living right now, just as we are awoken from a dream.

After all these physical facts arises the question of primary importance. If all physical events that we know are intrinsically perceptions, what about our brain? Since our brain is a matter just like our arms, legs, or any other object, it also must be a perception just like all other objects. An example will illuminate the subject further. Let us think that we extend the nerves reaching our brain and put it outside our head where we can see it with our eyes. In this case, we would be able to see also our brain and touch it with our fingers. This way we can understand that our brain is also nothing but a perception formed by the senses of vision and touch.

The reality is in the invisible world, and  not in the world perceived by the senses. This awareness indicates that if you were to become small enough and look at the ingredients or elements that make up an atom, you would find an enormous amount of space and very little substance involved.

If you were to watch some of these atoms coming together with their vast amounts of space, you would back up and watch them come together as it would appear at some point that there was some substance involved, but this awareness indicates that the substance is only because there are so many, and in being larger, you see these things as solid, while in reality they are 99.99 thousandths space and one/one thousandths substance, and even that which appears to be substance is really nothing but frequency vibration in a minute position.

Something vibrates over here. It is a proton or an electron, and if you look at those little vibrations, you will see that they are composed of still smaller vibrations and that in reality there is no substance anywhere. There is just vibration, and the greater area of the atom is space, and this makes up the human body, and all things in your realm known as reality, and your senses lie to you and tell you: "This is real!" when in fact the reality is the space and the tiny vibrations that are seen from a distance as occupying some kind of condensed activity, but when you move into those condensations, you find that even those atomic parts are not solid, they are simply vibrating, and when you look at the vibrations up close, you find that they are really composed of smaller vibrations or subatomic parts and they are also mostly space, and there is movement in that space.

When a subatomic particle is measured in the lab, its wave function locks phase with the instrument’s wave function. Whoever reads the instrument locks phase with its wave function and in the end the observed particle, instrument, and observer all occupy the same reality by having zero phase difference between them. This phase is a physical quantity and is commonly called “geometric phase”, “berry’s phase” or “aharonov-bohm phase” (different names for the same phase in different situations). This phase is nothing more than the physical alignment of the wave function.

This awareness indicates that when you understand this, you will realize that matter means nothing in reality and all that really counts is intellect, the perception created by the intellect which assembles the appearances and thought forms into that which for the senses feels, smells, tastes and looks like substance, but is really just illusion. Basically the soul and subconsciousness are the same thing. The spirit is the life force which permeates the consciousness in the present time.

The soul being likened unto a spirit that has recorded upon it all of the past relationships, experiences and memories of the entity. Whereas the spirit may be likened unto a clean tape that has no recording upon it. ...the tape of the moment, present, and consciousness as it exists in each moment coming into being is that which may be called spirit. Once there is a recording of an experience placed upon this tape, and this tape then is run into the storage bank known as the memory, this may be called the soul.

Everything that exists is an energy field, a unique vibrational pattern of energy created by thought and emotion. All that exists is the same energy, but these infinite patterns create infinite forms, just as water can manifest as liquid, clouds, steam and ice. They look and feel very different, but they are still water in different forms. Some energy patterns manifest as the human body, others the human mind, still others the birds, trees, insects, water, sky and air. At the level of pure energy everything is connected to everything else.

There are no them, only we and ultimately "I" and us. Potentially we have the ability to access this Source of Pure Power and Consciousness; which I call the Aria Invictus. Some call this principle philosophy the Unity of Being, Law of One or All is One or as scientists call the Unified Field Theory. It is represented as the sacred geometric symbol; Flower of Life. You can call it as you like, for it is everything. It is the infinite energy, which is neither created or destroyed and in it’s purest form it can be transformed to one state or another. It is neither good, evil, god or any supreme being (There are no higher or lower forms of life, class or race, merely varied frequency patterns of the same Energy). It does not need to be worshipped. Nor, does it make one spiritual. For it is Spirit. This Source is not apart from us. It is we and we are it.

We are an aspect of this infinite mind and therefore we have the potential to tap into the entire infinite mind because, at our highest expression, that is what we all are. Everything. We are like droplets in an infinite ocean, individual to an extent, but together we make the whole, the sum total of droplets. Without the droplets there can be no ocean. Without this Source, We cannot exist, and without Us, this Source cannot exist.

The question, however, is this: How much of this ocean are we connecting with? If it is a tiny fraction you will live in a cocoon, an eggshell, delinked from your infinite potential for knowledge, love, understanding and wisdom. You will live a predictable life dominated by worry and fear and believe that you are ordinary and powerless to control your own destiny. If you break out of that cocoon and use your mind and heart, you can connect with this infinite collective consciousness, in doing so, you understand that you are more than a physical body experiencing one meaningless lifetime. You are infinite consciousness experiencing this world as part of your eternal journey of evolution through experience. To be simplistic, you are a Spirit Being on a human jouney. If we make new choices, we will create different consequences, which will give us the potential to know and participate in anything.

We are in control of our destiny, and people are waking up to that. Crucial to maintaining the human psyche in disconnected ignorance is the manipulation of low vibration emotion, fear, guilt, resentment, dislike of self and condemnation of others, which in the end, are all expressions of fear. These are the very emotions, which resonate to the frequency range of the lower fourth dimension and once we succumb to domination by these emotions we succumb to the control of our R-complex, the reptilian part of our brain, which manifest as aggression, ritualism, a desire for hierarchical structure, and so on.  Emotion of fear resonates a low vibration pattern, a long wavelength, while the emotion we call love resonates a high vibration pattern, a short wavelength. The genetic material of the human body is a highly sophisticated transmitter and receiver of frequencies. Experiments have shown that when you place a piece of DNA, the body's genetic blueprint, in a turf of electrons, the electrons form themselves together in the pattern of the DNA. When you remove the DNA, the electrons still hold the same pattern. In other words, the DNA is constantly affecting the energy around us. Our state of being affects the world second by second. When you change your attitudes and state of being you change the whole because you are part of the whole, indeed you are the whole. Still feeling ordinary and powerless?

We have within us a series of micro-antenna called amino acids, which interact with the DNA and there are 64 potential human genetic codes or antenna to transmit and receive frequencies. In short, a potential 64 antenna to connect us with higher frequencies and higher dimensions of ourselves. But only 20 are activated while 44 remain switched off. This means that our ability to connect with our full power, wisdom and potential is massively undermined. No doubt the fact that we use only a fraction of our brain's potential is a consequence of this also. Research by the Institute of Heart Math and others in the United States has further shown that the 'antenna' on the DNA are activated or closed down by the wavelengths of emotion, which constantly pass through the DNA. The emotion of fear (from which all negative emotion derives) is a long, slow wavelength and so can only trigger a few of our potential antennas. But love (from which all positive emotion derives) is a fast, short wavelength and so sparks into action far more of these antennas.

These antennas as well as our 5 sences are for us to sence a specific range of frequency, which we call a the material world, dimension or more accurately a density. As we have learned thru science, the faster our molecules and atoms spin, the greater rate of heat they emit and the less solid the material becomes. Well, the frequency of energy/ matter works the same, the greater the vibratory frequency the more etherial, less physical/dense it becomes. All these vibratory signatures  share the same space, however, if the material has a frequency that is vibrating so fast, our sences will not be in tune with that particular frequency. Think of it like a television or radio. All the signals are being broadcast simultaneously, but since we are not tuned in that particular signal we are unable to see or hear what is being sent. If we turn the dial to that broadcast, and all of a sudden we now can see and hear what is being displayed, it is because we have now used the instrument to be in tune with the same frequency of the signal being delivered.

Our minds are the instruments, and as with the shamens of old that used entheogenic and psychedelic plants as substitutes of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), the Miracle or Dream molecule used in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, that allows our soul/spirit/conscousness to be in tune with densities that are vibrating on a level faster than the material world in which our bodies exist. There are infinite densities that exist to which we can be in tune with. In turn, we can see a more vibrant and accurate picture of the true nature of the universe. So let it be understood, we are not our physical bodies. Our human bodies are merely vessels to be used as instruments to interact in this particular range of frequency/density we call the third dimension/material world. Our bodies are reflections in a holographic universe, with each human vessel a unique vibratory signature of the self image they project in the realm of the hologram to which the individual illuminates. (The founders Admiralty/Maritime Law uses this principle truth and corrupted it, to view the individual/soul/spirit and the human vessel to which the individual resides in, as nothing more than product and a unit of energy.)

Since each living thing is uniquely conscious, each living thing carries a unique vibratory signature. The soul broadcasts a rich spectrum of vibrations, which through the principle of resonance attracts a corresponding spectrum of experiences. Souls of a common frequency share common realms of experience and tend to cross paths in life. When we speak of vibration, we are really talking about waves with amplitude, frequency, and phase. Amplitude is the strength, frequency the rapidity of fluctuation, and phase the alignment or timing of a wave. For a wave to exist and propagate there must be a source and medium, that which generates vibration and that which carries it outward. For instance, a guitar string initiates vibrations that travel through air in the form of alternating peaks and troughs in air pressure. Soul vibrations are no less tangible than sound waves, though their nature and medium of propagation are more exotic. They employ the same medium through which light and radio waves travel but are made of potential waves rather than electromagnetic waves. This means the soul vibratory field (also known as the aura) consists of fields and waves far subtler than electric or magnetic fields, which is why conventional instruments cannot detect the aura. Nevertheless this field is rife with patterned energy and information—the very stuff of thought and emotion, through what we perceive, we are largely unaware of their influence. The situation is similar to swimmers floating down a river at equal speed, each swimmer relatively stationary to the other; by looking only at each other they may conclude they are in still water, that motion in the water is only evident if they look down and observe the tiny eddies swirling about . At each moment in time our universe is but one slice of a complex web of infinite possibilities that is unchanging and eternal. Technically this multiverse may be termed the “state vector” or “wave function” of reality. It is a fractal hologram that zooms forever into the future. The fractal itself does not change, it is only our mind that moves through and thereby generates for itself the illusion of space and time. To understand this process, one must understand how holograms work.

Holograms encode information by recording the interference pattern between two waves of common frequency, one wave being uniform in consistency and the other having its phase altered by the information to be encoded. The traditional way of making a hologram goes as follows: a laser beam is split in two, one half shining onto photographic film and the other bouncing off an object before shining onto the film. What is recorded on the film is an interference pattern between these two beams, encoding the topography of the object. After the film is developed, the same laser illuminating it will be modulated in phase and intensity by the pattern and will reproduce the encoded information, projecting from it a visual replica of the object. The nature of the image projected forth from a hologram depends on the angle, intensity, and frequency (color) of the laser. Frequency determines what information may be accessed. If the hologram is recorded with a red laser, a green laser will fail to elicit an image. Multiple images can be encoded into a hologram, each called forth by a corresponding laser color. The angle and region of illumination decides what particular information from the range available is selected for projection. In the case of holographic film, the projected image rotates with a rotation in the laser’s angle of incidence, or changes to a different image if the laser shines upon a part of the film upon which was recorded a different object. Angle and position are both types of phases, so it is phase that selects from a given range what image to bring forth. Lastly, intensity of illumination (amplitude of the wave) determines the degree of fidelity in the projected image. The greater the amplitude, the more accurate and complete the decoded information Just as laser color determines the layer of accessible holographic information, so does our emotional nature determine the archetypal range of accessible experience. Of this range, our thoughts determine the particular phase angle from which this archetype is experienced. And the strength of our intent determines how accurately and vividly it manifests.

This is no metaphor; the universe is indeed holographic. But it is also fractal as briefly mentioned. A fractal is infinitely complex and allows inward or outward zooming without limit. Each zoom level inward is a subset of all previous zooms. In our current state, we are zooming into the fractal and perceiving this motion as progress into the future. And naturally the future is a subset of all previous probable futures, though in truth time is illusory because all levels of the fractal exist simultaneously. Once again, this fractal is holographic; we illuminate portions of it in accordance with our emotional nature, thoughts, and intent. Therefore our consciousness vibrates with a spectrum of frequencies and consequently accesses from the hologram a spectrum of experiential archetypes. Each person has a unique vibratory spectrum, though different individuals may share certain frequencies. This spectrum identifies not only soul composition but also one’s unique learning path in life. Our temperament reflects our soul nature and determines the realm of our experiences.

Realms are the personal worlds we inhabit, our sphere of influence, range of perception, and region of activity. They are specific areas of the hologram we illuminate in accordance with our vibratory spectrum, our being, our essence. Every individual projects and occupies a unique but not necessarily independent realm; some frequencies are more or less shared and account for consensual realities and mutual experiences. Realms can therefore intersect, supercede, or be subsets of other realms. Realms are somewhat like movie scripts, each person being the star of his script but all scripts including others as major, minor, or background characters. The greater the congruence between two realms, the more important the role played by each character in the other’s script. The importance of a character is not determined by how frequently we interact with them, but how meaningfully we do so. We may cross paths with a background character every day, perhaps a neighbor or coworker and they leave no more than a fading impression on our souls. Others we may meet only once in life during an experience so meaningful that it marks us for life. Realms also signify the boundary of our perception. Sometimes we cannot see the point another is trying to make, or else we cannot understand why they do what they do, which indicates our realm does not extend into certain regions of the hologram they are familiar with. So on a mundane level, realms delineate what you can identify with and notice.

On a more significant level, realms define what you have the ability to perceive; it is possible for another being to be so far outside your realm that you cannot even perceive them and vice versa. This is for beings whose realms are mutually independent.

Temperaments that are neurotic, paranoid, worried, fearful, angry or hostile are implicitly reactive. The associated soul resonance spectrum is centered around the lower frequencies, near that of physical matter. Matter is perfectly reactive and deterministic; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. People with low vibratory frequencies are highly reactive and at the mercy of external influences. Temperaments that are calm, observant, and discerning are active rather than reactive because awareness and freewill predicate responses to experience. The associated soul resonance frequencies are higher on the scale, closer to that of pure consciousness. In contrast to reactions, actions are nondeterministic for they follow from true choice rather than the predetermined effect of some cause. The scale from absolute reactivity to absolute activity is bounded by matter on the lowest end and infinite consciousness on the highest end. We as individuals are somewhere in between, our location determined by our chosen emotional learning path. Therefore our soul vibratory spectrum measures where we stand on the grand cycle of spiritual evolution. Individuals who tread the path of reactivity require relatively abrasive catalysts to get them moving. But because every learning experience offers choice in how to proceed, there is always the opportunity to climb the frequency scale and become more conscious and less reactive, which in turn makes life experiences less abrasive.

The lower frequency paths attract cruder experiences than the higher frequency paths. For example, an individual or collective lesson about independence may require the pain of enslavement for the lower path while victory over tyranny may suffice for the higher paths. These are lower frequency characteristics that make one reactive, easily predictable, and thus easily controllable. Consistently maintaining a high soul frequency is absolutely essential for staying out of trouble.  For instance, the moon generates an extremely strong low frequency field within a few days of new or full, and this negatively biases the temperaments of people vulnerable to its influence. Reactivity rises and lessons of a highly abrasive emotional nature tend to increase around such times. Not all these biasing fields are natural. Some can be technologically generated via fluctuating potential and superpotential fields. For instance, it may be possible for microwave towers to triangulate standing electromagnetic waves whose magnetic and electric field components cancel, leaving only an oscillating potential field capable of suppressing the aura and exacerbating emotional sensitivity. The conductive grid formed by chemtrails can also create vibrating potential fields that suppress the mental and emotional balance as well as the auric integrity populations irradiated. Sometimes it is not necessary to use such advanced methods…often cruder methods for manipulating thought and emotions are employed that simply throw neurochemical and hormonal levels off balance.

"You're focusing on the problem. If you focus on the problem, you can't see the solution. Never focus on the problem! ...See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see... out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world anew each day!" - Arthur Mendelson from the film; Patch Adams

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that our resonance can temporarily drop when subdued by ambient sub-electromagnetic fields, such as when one is within the mental or physical proximity of a low frequency source. Of course it is possible to rebuff such influences if one is sufficiently aware, vitalized, and centered. When the ambient low frequency fields amplify, it feels like someone has turned up the “gravity” and more strength is needed to stay upright and balanced. It is possible during such times to mentally connect with a higher frequency realm and thereby remain centered. By exultantly living from your heart you not only set an example for others, you also help lift the heaviness of the local and global collective realm. Nothing lifts gravity like levity and love.

"The understanding which alone gives value to knowledge is the understanding that, when we employ the formula "I am, therefore I can, therefore I will," the "I AM" with which the series starts is a being who, so to speak, has his head in heaven and his feet upon the earth, a perfect unity, and with a range of ideas far transcending the little ideas which are limited by the requirements of a day or an hour. On the other hand, the requirements of the day and the hour are real while they last, and since the manifested life can be lived only in the moment that now is, whether it be to-day or ten thousand years hence, our need is to harmonise the life of expression with the life of purpose, and by realising in ourselves the source of the highest purposes to realise also the life of the fullest expression."
- The Hidden Power, by Thomas Troward

Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel is you.

"To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded... What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1803 - 1882) American Essayist & Poet

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
- Marianne Williamson , A Return to Love

Video [legaturi] / Michael Tsarion - Exceptional si util
« : 18 Septembrie 2007, 18:53:14 »
Servus tuturor !

Au aparut pe diversele "metode de share" de pe net variantele .avi ale DVD-urilor scoase de Michael Tsarion (

1. "Atalntis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation"

The essential companion to Michael Tsarion's acclaimed book on the Celts, Pre-Diluvian civilizations and the origins of evil.

• Who were the Atlanteans? Were they tutors or tyrants?
• How did the phenomena of evil come into our world and into the consciousness of human beings?
• Who, or what, are the "Fallen Angels?"
• Is Homo Sapiens a hybrid created by beings from another galaxy?
• Was the science of genetics known in ancient times?
• Are you “Homo Sapiens” or “Homo Atlantis?”
• What is the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria?
• Are we being told the truth about our origins and destiny?
• What do the Biblical terms "Immaculate Conception," "Forbidden Fruit," and "Tree of Life" refer to?
• Why do some modern scientists believe that the so-called "Ice-Age" never happened?
• Did Eve really cause the fall of man?
• Why have women and indigenous races been slaughtered and suppressed through the centuries?
• Who built the great cyclopean megaliths, and why?
• Why has our technological expertise far outreached our psychological and spiritual development?
• What do “Atomic” and “Nuclear” war really mean? Who, or what, are the "Reptilians?" Do they really come from outer space?
• Is the “New World Order” really something new?
• What is the purpose of the many "black budget" projects, like HAARP?
• Who really governs from behind the thrones of government and religion?
• Why are so many US Presidents “bloodline” related to Europe’s elite royal dynasties?
• Why is the US really involved in wars and "Crusades" in the Middle East?
• Is 2012 really the end of our world, as the Maya predicted?
• What can we do to actively rid ourselves and this planet of its evil?

In Program One, of the “Origins & Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before. Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being. In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.

Enriched with a plenitude of rare source-material, Michael’s scholarly work investigates the records of our ancient forbearers. Michael also reveals to us the secrets of his own Celtic ancestors who, behind the veil of folklore, had much to say about alien visitation, genetic manipulation, wars of the gods, the coming of evil, the Anti-Christ, and the degradation of spirit. It is doubtful whether you will watch and hear anything more lucid concerning the fascinating mysteries of occultism, genetics, Darwinism, ufology, the paranormal, the phenomena of evil, secret-society intrigue, the “New World Order” and the future the human race. This 15 hour-long magnum opus is compulsory viewing for those truth-hungry and educated seekers with a discriminating palate. This is revisionism at its best.

2. "2012 Where History Ends"

Some of the greatest myths, are yet to happen - Michael Tsarion

• 2012 and the "Age of Revealing"
• The Destruction of Atlantis • The War of the Gods
• The Genetic Manipulation of Humankind
• The Fall of Man
• The True Origins of Evil
• The "Armageddon" Factor
• The Decline of Politics and Religion
• The Reasons for & Significance of the Present World Crises
• The Occult History of America
• The Subversion of the Spiritual Destiny of America
• The Rise of the Anti-Christ (who is it?)
• Why Iraq, and the “War on Terror?”
• The Rising of the Nephilim
• The Final Days of the Age of Pisces
• What the "Prophecies" of Nostradamus Don't Tell Us
• The "Photon Belt," the "Earth Grid" and the galactic alignments of the Next 10 years

In Program Two, of the “Origins & Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion explains exactly why the world is in the present state of decay, and who it is that really rules from the top of the “power pyramid.” We discover that earth’s crime-soaked history has been manipulated by powerful secret societies with bloodline connections to ancient alien visitors who crossed their own DNA with that of earth’s indigenous inhabitants. According to Michael Tsarion’s astonishing thesis, some of these original “Fallen Angels” are secretly interred beneath the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in other locations around the globe. These “undead” vampiristic kings of old have been feeding off the death and mayhem, the pain and fear of human beings for millennia and their servants, upon the earth’s surface, have orchestrated wars, assassinations, and a climate of perversity and debauchery to feed their dark masters soon to arise again from their unholy repose. This arising is forced due to the approach of powerful constellational alignments and the coming of an “Age of Revealing” referred to in ancient Maya texts, and in the Book of Revelations. It is of paramount importance that each and every human being discovers what these alignments will mean, what the future holds, and what the world’s ancient scriptures are warning us about. This riveting investigation into the occult history of the world will open your eyes and allow you to make sense of the agendas of government and religion, the strange preoccupations of the media, and much of what will transpire in future years.

Additionally, Michael also reminds to us of the importance of cleansing the “inner temple.” He reminds us that a toxic mind creates a toxic society. It is schizoid people who inevitably create a schizogenic society, and who are responsible for raising-up the sadistic “Orwellian” regimes which prey over the good and the free. Michael delineates for us the age-old connections between mind and world, between microcosm and macrocosm, so that we are again empowered with proactive and sustainable solutions. Michael insists that we must re-learn how to put our own inner houses in order before our efforts at overcoming our inhuman adversaries can be successful. Other stratagems are merely akin to “re-arranging the furniture on the Titanic,” and have not been working. Therefore, it is time for humanity to show zero-tolerance for all the false paths and leads, and to have the truth about change. These are just a few of the topics covered in this monumental 13 hour presentation.

3. "Divination and the Goddess Tradition"

The women who once ruled on Earth, now seem content to be ruled by its destroyers - Michael Tsarion

• Who were the Gnostics, and what did they believe and teach?
• Who created Astrology and the high arts of Hermetic Divination?
• What is the "Inner Zodiac?"
• Do rocks floating in space really affect our character and fate?
• Why does the prohibition against making "graven images of god" come before that against killing?
• Why is the female cycle connected to the heavens?
• Are women superior to men?
• Why do men fear and hate women?
• Why have women been marginalized and massacred down through time?
• What or who is "Holy Mother Church?"
• Do religions and governments have occult agendas?
• Why is prophecy legitimate?
• Why did human beings become sedentary and begin living in artificial city environments?
• What is the real drive behind technology and the Technotronic Age?
• What are the solutions to the world’s crises and to the spiritual vacuity of mankind?

In Program Three, of the “Origins & Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion investigates the real history of religion and reveals its Egyptian origins. In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, Michael reveals the origins of the enigmatic Book of Genesis, and the actual hidden significance of religion, yoga, magick, ritual and science. This true meaning has been concealed so that humans remain disempowered and removed from their source. Prayers go unanswered, people remain lost, and humanity heads toward the precipice of oblivion, raping the planet and fighting endlessly. We might ask if it is God or Lucifer who presides over the world, and over the minds of men. Regardless of the miasma and debauchery, the truth of man’s existence remains within the secret traditions. It is now time for ordinary people to have the facts which will make sense of their lives and beliefs. Michael specifies the forces (from within and without) which weigh us down and impede our natural rise, our advancement on all levels.

In this captivating and informative presentation, Michael also delves deeply into the gender divide and exposes why it is that the elites within the orthodox religions have debarred women from assuming positions of authority. He also investigates the real reasons for the criminality of mankind, as well as for the rise of technology and science. We learn what it is that really separates man from the primates, and why man is distinguished by his penchant for sadism, cruelty and violence upon members of his own species and upon others.

Additionally, we are introduced to the “Western Magical Tradition,” and to the meta-sciences employed by the Magi of old to engender psychic hygiene, moral rectitude, and spiritual empowerment. We discover the true hidden connections between the Tarot, the Zodiac, the Kabalistic “Tree of Life” and sacred Numerology.

4. "Weapons of Mass Deception: Behind the New World Order"

Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us - Count Leo Tolstoy

We must all face the fact that our leaders are certifiably insane, or worse - W. S. Burroughs

It is a “no-brainer” for veterans within the research-community to understand that the US Government was deeply complicit in the September Eleventh tragedy. However, it has taken quite a bit of book-writing, in-depth journalism and documentary-making to get this rather simple message across to the masses of people in America and the world.

Those who have so labored are to be accoladed for their revisionism and bravery. However, veterans of alternative history know that such exposure is merely the tip of the ice-berg. They know that the masses of mankind need to dig a lot deeper to know the real extent of the treachery and guile of the world’s so-called “Democratic” politicians. The roots of today’s atrocities lie in the ancient past, and in the agendas of powerful secret-societies who are moving ever nearer to their “end-game.” What lies ahead for mankind is not freedom, peace nor prosperity. Time is short, and if the human race is to end evil and survive it must first have the WHOLE TRUTH. "Solution-Think," must replace "Problem-Think."

In Program Four of the “Origins & Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion conducts his own investigation into the history of the very real “New World Order,” detailing for us its founders and their real purpose. He reveals, in some depth, the magnitude of the occult agendas behind the furtherance of the draconian “New Imperialism,” and lets us see just how those arch-enemies of America have slowly and vampiristically hypnotized an entire continent’s historically-amnesiac inhabitants into selling off their sovereign power, prosperity and freedom. Using the September 11th attack as a back-drop, Michael’s investigation into unseen and sinister stratagems involves warnings regarding the future. Michael insists that it is not by chance that we have conjured such evil in our midst. Overcoming our enemy involves re-learning better ways of being, not new ways to fight. As Michael warns, there can be no victory over an evil which strengthens itself due to our futile, anti-spiritual and self-defeating rivalry. As he reminds us: “Evil does not take our power...we give it up ourselves.”

Michael opens the book of the world’s secret history and focuses on the ancient European dynastic powers - the all-powerful “Black Venetians” (Guelph, Saxe Coburg Gotha, House of Hanover Dynasties), whose agents operate throughout the US, in media, healthcare, big-business, law, and politics. He covers the English secret organizations, such as the Rhodes “Round Table” groups, the “Club of the Isles,” the “Fabians“ and the Tavistock Institute. He also deals with their lieutenant orgs in the US, namely the “Illuminati,” the Scottish Rite Freemasons, the corrupt Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Importantly, Michael’s research indicates that these bastions, and their controllers, are motivated by more than simple physical domination of the earth. Although most under-informed researchers believe the machinations of political and religious elites to be motivated by simple greed and power-mania, Michael shows us that there are far more sinister reasons for the policies that lead our world toward the precipices of want and tragedy. We find out the real reasons why the vanguard of the West is back in the Middle East, and why our world has been engulfed in ages of crime and cruelty. Michael reminds us that the real "Intelligence Community" are those in America (and the world) who are not afraid to face the facts and intelligently and eloquently expose those who have no legal or moral right to dominate humanity. Although "We the People" are not respected, protected, served or free, there is something that can be done about it once we realize where the real power lies and how to use it.

This one of a kind presentation will inform and inspire veterans and beginners alike, giving each viewer a comprehensive, no-nonsense, yet sane and balanced expose into the real history of the world. As Michael says: “The subject of history as taught in schools is surely boring, but the study of how history has been one of the most interesting of all.”

5. "Astro-Theology and Sideral Mythology"

As long as you consider the stars as something above the head, you will lack the eye of knowledge - Fredrick Nietzsche

• What connection do the symbols of government, religion, royalty and the corporate world have with the constellations and zodiac?
• Who was Jesus Christ? What he really the son of God and founder of Christianity?
• Is our culture Judeo-Christian, or Egytpo-Christian?
• Why did the orthodox Church suppress the Gnostics, and massacre women for centuries?
• What did Jesus mean when he said the Temple of God is within, and that others could do what he did?
• Why did Jesus refer to himself as the “Morning Star,” and ask his disciples to be as wise as “serpents.”
• Why was astrology and divination really prohibited?
• In the commandments, why does the edict against “making graven images” come before the edict against killing?
• What do the symbols on flags, on heraldry, on money and on corporate logos, and in ads, mean?
• Why are there so many cultural similarities when it comes to religion, race and tradition?
• What are the solutions to the economic, political, social and psychological challenges of the future?

In Program Five, of the “Origins & Oracles” series, we learn about the real origins and meaning of the term - “Holy Spirit,” and we learn what humanity must do to secure its survival in the following years. We discover the actual roots of Christianity and find out what religious hierarchs have been hiding for over 2,000 years. Michael Tsarion investigates the suppression of women, the ecocidal tendency and the corruption in high places. Since, as Michael Tsarion says, the world elites have allegiances to hidden cults and secret societies, how can we expect them to honor their professed duties to humanity? In this all-revealing presentation we discover that the modern religions and political ideologies morphed out of seven great cults of power which ruled the world for millennia. The most powerful of these Cults was the “Stellar Cult,” dominant for over 10,000 years. Christ and the other Magi were initiates of this Cult, which gave mankind such sciences as astrology, astromancy, and the Tarot. Known as “Serpents,” they were the architects of the great temple structures such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. After the great Cults became corrupted they eventually gave rise to the modern exploitative religious and political hierarchies that prey off society today. We are still controlled by the elite bloodlines of these secret orders which continue to lead the world toward ruin and chaos. In this astounding presentation, Michael Tsarion demonstrates how religion and politics work to shape both the events around you, and the thoughts within you. “Astro-Theology” reveals the nature of the psychic and spiritual desecration which covertly operates upon us daily, and unlike the majority of other experts and researchers, Michael offers provocative solutions to our social and psychic predicaments.

6. "The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media"
Signs and symbols control the world, not phrases and laws - Confucius (551-479 BC)

• Why are the youth so delinquent, in these days of affluence and plenty?
• Why do over 70 percent of the products we buy have names that mean nothing in English?
• What are the occult techniques used by corporations and governments to manipulate thought and control behavior?
• In this so-called Age of Amnesia and Infotainment, are we owning our own thoughts?
• If we are under “psychic hypnosis” would we know it?
• How to we get back to being a "symbol literate" culture, and offset the worst effects of mind-control, addiction, delinquency and crime?
• What are the techniques that are used by the media to dumb-down, and influence the youth?
• Why are television programs, called "programs?" What do words like Lexus, Nissan, Coke, Visa, Nike, Fila, and Acura, etc., actually mean?
• Why do corporations such as Levi Strauss and MTV screen girls as young as 5 and 6 years of age?
• Why are banks and franchises designed to subliminally represent churches.
• Can a corporation be psychotic?

Have you ever wondered whether the billion-dollar artifice of the media, and of the advertising conglomerates, has any lasting negative effect on your mind and behavior, or whether the young are particularly affected by the all-pervasive presence of ads? Is it rational to expect large ad-corporations to jeopardize their vast monopolies by becoming more responsible in the future? Can Madison Avenue agencies and other “Hidden-Persuaders” ever be held accountable, if it is discovered and proven that the glamorous creations of their industry do indeed have lasting negative effects on our minds and behavior? Is the new designer disease of our age “Affluenza,” and is the consumer the consumed, in these times of excess and chronic commercialism? Can there be positive psychological, spiritual or social advancement, in a “symbol-illiterate” culture, more and more dependent on image, brand-logos and chimeras of the perfect, happy life, based on chronic competitiveness, material affluence and technical proficiency? Is there a connection between the rising levels of crime, substance abuse, inner psychological dysfunction, emotional disassociation, and the subversive use of power images and words in our culture? In this the sixth of the “Origins and Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion reveals the occult meaning behind many of the brand-names and logos that infest our think- and mind-space. This thoroughly engrossing expose is compulsory viewing for members of the younger generation, who are under daily assault from a deadly arsenal of psychic weaponry designed to eradicate their moral sensibility and willpower. Michael’s scathing expose leaves the vague warnings of most media-critics far behind, and delves into areas were few others care, or even dare, to venture.                           

Gand bun si curiozitate placuta !

Noua Ordine Mondiala (NOM/NWO) / Noam Chomsky
« : 07 Septembrie 2007, 07:48:25 »
Considerat una din cele mai luminate minti ale sec.20-21, un om fascinant care "taie maiestuos prin vrajeala si chiar are ceva de spus". O confirmare pentru cei familiarizati cu el si un punct de interes, sper, pentru cei care nu-l stiau.(          sau      video pe google sau youtube)

Iata ca exemplu, un articol de-al sau :

"Superpower and Failed States
Noam Chomsky
Khaleej Times, April 5, 2006

The selection of issues that should rank high on the agenda of concern for human welfare and rights is, naturally, a subjective matter. But there are a few choices that seem unavoidable, because they bear so directly on the prospects for decent survival. Among them are at least these three: nuclear war, environmental disaster and the fact that the government of the world’s leading power is acting in ways that increase the likelihood of these catastrophes.

It is important to stress the "government," because the population, not surprisingly, does not agree. That brings up a fourth issue that should deeply concern Americans, and the world: the sharp divide between public opinion and public policy, one of the reasons for the fear, which cannot casually be put aside, that "the American ‘system’ as a whole is in real trouble — that it is heading in a direction that spells the end of its historic values (of) equality, liberty and meaningful democracy," as Gar Alperovitz observes in America Beyond Capitalism.

The "system" is coming to have some of the features of failed states, to adopt a currently fashionable notion that is conventionally applied to states regarded as potential threats to our security (like Iraq) or as needing our intervention to rescue the population from severe internal threats (like Haiti).

The definition of "failed states" is hardly scientific. But they share some primary characteristics. They are unable or unwilling to protect their citizens from violence and perhaps even destruction. They regard themselves as beyond the reach of domestic or international law, hence free to carry out aggression and violence. And if they have democratic forms, they suffer from a serious "democratic deficit" that deprives their formal democratic institutions of real substance. One of the hardest tasks that anyone can undertake, and among the most important, is to look honestly in the mirror. If we allow ourselves to do so, we should have little difficulty in finding the characteristics of "failed states" right at home.

That recognition of reality should be deeply troubling to those who care about their countries and future generations — "countries," plural, first because of the enormous reach of U.S. power, but also because the problems are not localised in space or time, though there are important variations, of particular significance for US citizens.

The "democratic deficit" was illustrated clearly by the 2004 elections. The results led to exultation in some quarters, despair in others and much concern about a "divided nation." Colin Powell informed the Press that "President George W. Bush has won a mandate from the American people to continue pursuing his ‘aggressive’ foreign policy.’ That is far from true. It is also very far from what the population believes. After the elections, Gallup asked whether Bush "should emphasise programmes that both parties support," or whether he "has a mandate to advance the Republican Party’s agenda," as Powell and others claimed — and 63 per cent chose the former option; 29 per cent the latter.

The elections conferred no mandate for anything, in fact, they barely took place, in any serious sense of the term "election." History provides ample evidence of Washington’s disregard for international laws and norms, reaching new heights today. Granted, there have always been pretexts, but that is true of every state that resorts to force at will.

Throughout the Cold War years, the framework of "defence against Communist aggression" was available to mobilise domestic support for countless interventions abroad. Then at last the communist-menace device began to wear thin. By 1979, "the Soviets were influencing only 6 per cent of the world population and 5 per cent of the world GNP" outside its borders, according to the Centre for Defense Information. The basic picture was becoming harder to evade.

The government also faced domestic problems, notably the civilizing effects of the activism of the 1960s, which had many consequences, among them less willingness to tolerate the resort to violence.

Under President Reagan, the administration sought to deal with the problems by fevered pronouncements about the "evil empire" and its tentacles everywhere about to strangle us. But new devices were needed. The Reaganites declared their worldwide campaign to destroy "the evil scourge of terrorism," particularly state-backed international terrorism — which Reagan secretary of state George Shultz called a "plague spread by depraved opponents of civilization itself (in a) return to barbarism in the modern age."

The official list of states sponsoring terrorism, initiated in Congress in 1977, was elevated to a prominent place in policy and propaganda.

In 1994, President Clinton expanded the category of "terrorist states" to include "rogue states." A few years later another concept was added to the repertoire: "failed states," from which we must protect ourselves, and which we must help — sometimes by devastating them. Later came President Bush’s "axis of evil" that we must destroy in self-defence, following the will of the Lord as transmitted to his humble servant — meanwhile escalating the threat of terror and nuclear proliferation.

The rhetoric has always raised difficulties, however. The basic problem has been that under any reasonable interpretation of the terms — even official definitions — the categories are unacceptably broad. It takes discipline not to recognise the elements of truth in historian Arno Mayer’s immediate post-9/11 observation that since 1947, "America has been the chief perpetrator of ‘pre-emptive’ state terror" and innumerable other ‘rogue’ actions," causing immense harm, "always in the name of democracy, liberty and justice."

After Bush took over, mainstream scholarship no longer just reported world opinion, but began to assert as fact that the US "has assumed many of the very features of the ‘rogue nations’ against which it has ... done battle" (David C. Hendrickson and Robert W. Tucker, Foreign Affairs, 2004).

The category of "failed state" was invoked repeatedly by the self-designated "enlightened states" in the 1990s, entitling them to resort to force with the alleged goal of protecting the populations of failed, rogue and terrorist states in a manner that may be "illegal but legitimate" — the phrase used by the Independent Kosovo Commission. As the leading themes of political discourse shifted from "humanitarian intervention" to the re-declared "war on terror" after 9/11, the concept "failed state" was given a broader scope to include states like Iraq that threaten the US with weapons of mass destruction and international terrorism.

Under this broader usage, "failed states" need not be weak — which makes good sense. Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia were hardly weak, but by reasonable standards they merit the designation "failed state" as fully as any in history.

The concept gains many dimensions, including failure to provide security for the population, to guarantee rights at home or abroad, or to maintain functioning (not merely formal) democratic institutions. The concept must surely cover "outlaw states" that dismiss with contempt the rules of international order and its institutions, carefully constructed over many years, initially at U.S. initiative.

The government is choosing policies that typify outlaw states, which severely endangers the population at home and abroad and undermines substantive democracy.

In crucial respects, Washington’s adoption of the characteristics of failed and outlaw states is proudly proclaimed. There is scarcely any effort to conceal "the tension between a world that still wants a fair and sustainable international legal system, and a single superpower that hardly seems to care (that it) ranks with Burma, China, Iraq and North Korea in terms of its adherence to a 17th century, absolutist conception of sovereignty" for itself, while dismissing as old-fashioned tommyrot the sovereignty of others, Michael Byers observes in War Law: Understanding International Law and Armed Conflict.

The US is very much like other powerful states. It pursues the strategic and economic interests of dominant sectors of the domestic population, to the accompaniment of impressive rhetorical flourishes about its exceptional dedication to the highest values. That is practically a historical universal, and the reason why sensible people pay scant attention to declarations of noble intent by leaders, or accolades by their followers.

One commonly hears that carping critics complain about what is wrong, but do not present solutions. There is an accurate translation for that charge: "They present solutions, but I don’t like them."

Here are a few simple suggestions for the US:

1. Accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and the World Court;

2. Sign and carry forward the Kyoto protocols;

3. Let the UN take the lead in international crises;

4. Rely on diplomatic and economic measures rather than military ones in confronting the grave threats of terror;

5. Keep to the traditional interpretation of the UN Charter: The use of force is legitimate only when ordered by the Security Council or when the country is under imminent threat of attack, in accord with Article 51;

6. Give up the Security Council veto, and have "a decent respect for the opinion of mankind," as the Declaration of Independence advises, even if power centres disagree;

7. Cut back sharply on military spending and sharply increase social spending: health, education, renewable energy and so on.

For people who believe in democracy, these are very conservative suggestions: They appear to be the opinions of the majority of the US population, in most cases the overwhelming majority. They are in radical opposition to public policy; in most cases, to a bipartisan consensus.

Another conservative and useful suggestion is that facts, logic and elementary moral principles should matter. Those who take the trouble to adhere to that suggestion will soon be led to abandon a good part of familiar doctrine, though it is surely much easier to repeat self-serving mantras.

And there are other simple truths. They do not answer every problem by any means. But they do carry us some distance toward developing more specific and detailed answers, as is constantly done. More important, they open the way to implement them, opportunities that are readily within our grasp if we can free ourselves from the shackles of doctrine and imposed illusion. Though it is natural for doctrinal systems to seek to induce pessimism, hopelessness and despair, reality is different. There has been substantial progress in the unending question for justice and freedom in recent years, leaving a legacy that can easily be carried forward from a higher plane than before.

Opportunities for education and organising abound. As in the past, rights are not likely to be granted by benevolent authorities, or won by intermittent actions — attending a few demonstrations or pushing a lever in the personalised quadrennial extravaganzas that are depicted as "democratic politics." As always in the past, the tasks require dedicated day-by-day engagement to create — in part re-create — the basis for a functioning democratic culture.

There are many ways to promote democracy at home, carrying it to new dimensions. Opportunities are ample, and failure to grasp them is likely to have ominous repercussions: for the country, for the world and for future generations.

— Excerpts from Failed States by Noam Chomsky 2006 by Harry Chomsky, reprinted by permission of Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Co., LLC."

Curiozitate placuta !

2012 / Ian Lungold - sinteza
« : 17 August 2007, 03:15:59 »
Ian Lungold

-   Cand esti echilibrat si detasat vezi lucrurile mai in ansamblu
-   Accelerarea evolutiei prin deschiderea posibilitatilor
-   Nu esti mintea ta mai mult decat esti corpul tau
-   Integritatea este constructiva, nu critica
-   Constiinta terestra este pe Internet
-   Constiinta alege din ce prezinta mintea
-   Facand constant alegeri despre viitoarele actiuni, esti exact in prezent creand constient. Daca in prezent, in acea stare, creezi viitorul? Daca repeti, fiind constient, ajungi usor la intuitie contienta.
-   Mintea are tot felul de idei despre ce nu este posibil. Ea exista doar in trecut sau viitor, nu in prezent. Cand ai decis ceva, nu mai analizezi, ci doar existi in prezent cu decizia ta
-   Exista o constanta accelerare a evenimentelor si pare ca timpul e mai rapid dar de fapt creatia este mai rapida dand doar iluzia mentala ca timpul se accelereaza.
-   O accelerare a evolutieie constiintei spre puctul in care vom putea manifesta propria realitate instantaneu.
-   Se va petrece din ce in ce mai mult in din ce in ce mai putin timp, cu mai multe posibilitati.
-   Se tranziteaza spre o mai evidenta intalnire dintre integritatea individuala si cea colectiva.
-   Constiinta devenind mai sensibila, mai subtila, nu va mai permite acte vulgare, neetice, negative.
-   Trecerea poate fi lina sau cu „hopuri”. Depinde de propria integritate personala sau lipsa ei cum iti va fi trecerea.
-   Traim o schimbare in constiinta, ceea ce ne ofera limbajul(instrumentele) vizavi de integritate pentru a trata istoria si mai ales intelegerea caderii imperiilor d.p.d.v al extinderii constiintei personale(Isus-diviniatea in fiecare). La nivel global, astazi, guvernele bazate pe corporatii sunt pe final, ele nemaiavand integritate. Majoritatea guvernelor si institutiilor in tarile dezvoltate economic nu prea mai sunt ascultate, ci sunt disconsiderate. La nivel individual, constiinta se extinde.
-   Constiinta incepe sa se bazeze mai mult pe etica, integritate, armonie. Opusul acestora incep sa nu mai fie sustinute de Creatie, fiind in dezacord.
-   Devii constient de ceea ce esti atent, diferenta este ca vei fi mai constient mult mai rapid. Vei manifesta mult mai rapid ceea ce vrei cu adevarat, ceea ce decizi ca vrei. Dar, nu intodeauna ceea ce vrem este si ceea ce e bine pentru noi…
-   Atentia(constienta) poate fi manifestata (si)prin dorinta sau teama. Ce iti doresti sau de ceea ce te temi pot fi la fel de reale
-   Trebuie sa invatam sa ne manifestam vietile asa cum vrem ele sa fie
-   Trebuie sa ne apropiem de integritatea profunda interioara, s-o manifestam la nivel constient
-   Evolutia mentalului presupune mult mai multe posibilitati de a alege spre a iesi sau a nu fi dominat de o stare sau alta. De aici rezulta o anume verticalitate mentala.
-    Alege constient (fara critici, panica si complicatii) a fi intr-o situatie si posibilitatile de rezolvare vor aparea.
-   D.p.d.v al Calendarului Maya suntem in perioada de nerabdare, reactiune la exterior, asteptarea „luminii verzi”(de semafor).
-   Evolutie prin intelegere si nu prin asa-zisa sansa
-   Oamenii mai flexibili descopera noi elemente in constiinta lor si vor evolua prin selectie naturala, dar prin decizia lor, constienti.
-   Este vorba de discernamantul a ceea ce este necesar si ce nu, relatiile si prieteniile intampinand dificultati de adaptare, de acceptare a altor puncte de vedere. Prieteniile se bazeaza pe atractii fizice, emotionale si mentale(rezonarile). Cele cu o baza mentala vor evoulua , iar celelalte doua tipuri se vor desconspira in a fi puerile si greu de sustinut. Doar oamenii care au o intentie, un sens in spirit(impreuna) mai inalt decat fiecare in parte, se vor bucura de prietenie.
-   8 iunie 2004 Venus s-a aflat intra Pamant si Soare. Venus este ca Isus pentru mayasi. De fiecare data cand s-a interpus astfel a rezultat un salt urias in comunicarea intre oameni : navigarea prin lume, telefonul transatlantic, radio, Tv, Internet. O logica continuare ar duce spre telepatie.
-   Sistemul solar se roteste in jurul Pleiadelor facand o rotatie completa la 250 milioane de ani, deci astazi, ne aflam deja intr-un camp nou de posibilitati. Informatia nu este pentru oricine pentru ca nu toti sunt interesati, dar efectele vor fi pentru toti.
-   Intodeauna in a 3-a „noapte” mayasa sistemele corupte se prabusesc pana la elementele de baza. Mijlocul celei de-a 3-a nopti a fost pe 6 iunie 2004. In istorie, de fiecare data de-alungul noptilor au existat colapsari economice. Astazi economia este bazata de fapt pe credit nu pe productie. Doar 2 insule mici de pe Coasta Angliei au fluxul monetar bazat pe aur si argint.
-   A 4-a zi (4 dec 2004) a tinut mai ales de delimitarile mai clare intre oameni legat de ce e posibil si ce pare imposibil, de dinamica si letargie
-   La nivel social va urma o preluare civica a guvernelor si corporatiilor prin dizolvarea agendelor acestora.
-   Dificultatile oamenilor legate de onorarea creditelor le vor deschide mintea spre independenta.

Noua Ordine Mondiala (NOM/NWO) / Terence McKenna - sinteza
« : 15 August 2007, 18:59:55 »

-   Trebuie sa incetam sa consumam cultura si sa incepem s-o creem.
-   Viata(incarnata) este un moment de reflectie suspendat in eternitate.
-   Revendicati-va dreptul sub Soare ca divinitati incarnate.
-   Universul este indreptat catre singularitate.
-   Natura este autosimilara de-a lungul scalei.
-   Sentimentul de a te simti viu in propriul corp.
-   Ce fel de lumi mentale sunt permise?
-   Cautam perfectiunea dar lasam in urma gunoi.
-   Simte-ti prezenta experientei in prezent.
-   Exista vreun motiv pentru care oamenii destepti sa spere?
-   Animalele sunt ceva inventat de plante pentru a le muta semintele.
-   Avem dreptul, privilegiul si obligatia de a dizolva limitele ego-ului si a ne (re)acorda cu planeta si valorile ei.
-   Anarhia verde nu tine cont de regulile umane.
-   Complexitatea este densitatea conexiunilor.
-   Vindecatorul are marea abilitate de a alege pacientul care se va vindeca bine.
-   Cand gandesti, gandesti ca gandesti asa cum toti au gandit.
-   Ai permisiunea sa-ti ignori viata.
-   In societatea moderna drepturile nu se cedeaza, ci se obtin.
-   Ne aflam intr-o cursa dintre (auto)educatie si dezastru.
-   Tehnologia este o prelungire a omului.
-   In materialism, el, cel care moare cu cele meai multe jucarii, castiga(?).
-   Cultura refuza experienta veritabila.
-   Mintea umana este cel mai subtil si puternic instrument de care dispunem in Planul Fizic.
-   Orice care merita facut este arta.
-   Nu exista planta ilegala.
-   Inca nu ne-am trezit spre insemnatatea crizei inconjuratoare.
-   Exista o conspiratie de deasupra a consenselor impotriva experientelor personale.
-   Societatea occidentala n-a inteles lectiile esescului comunismului.
-   Orasul este o jungla, problema este ca nu este indeajuns de jungla.
-   Naturii ii place curajul si-ti va ridica obstacolele imposibile. In natura nu exista mila.
-   Dupa ce „naparlesti” de sistemul operational cultural, vei fi dezbracat in fata propriei minti.
-   Orice se petrece in prezenta opusului(nasterea umana pare venita din durere si tragedie; fetusul este sculptat de mana mortii-celulele mor pentru a lasa locul altora mai evoluate).
-   Istoria este enuntarea prezentului apropiat al unui eveniment transformational. De obicei dureaza intre 12-15 mii generatii. Noi presupunem ca va dura mereu. Ea este o nevroza, o disfunctionalitate bazata pe o linie rupta de comunicare in natura.
-   Nu exista afara/inauntru, interior/exterior(etc), dar poti fi predispus sa crezi in asta. Institutiile moderne depind de transmiterea unei anume viziuni asupra lumii.
-   Apocalipsa nu este ceea ce va veni, ea a sosit in multe parti ale lumii. Este doar pentru ca traim intr-o „bula” si avem luxul de a o astepta inca.
-   Cand ne simtim amenintati si nesiguri, avem tendinta sa ne intoarcem la modelul, momentul in care aveam iluzia ca era mai stabil. Ne intoarcem inapoi cautand siguranta.
-    Societatile „aborigene” nu erau chiar primitive, ci mai degraba auto-suficiente, legate de natura.
-   Cultura noastra este special conceputa sa distraga, sa distorsioneze si sa ignore. Ea este un sistem operational relativ si irelevant. Se poate schimba sau inlocui cu un cult mai real si mai evoluat.
-   Armonia in natura a durat pentru ca au fost respectate si onorate elementele care au creat-o
-   Capitalismul – teorie generala: accesul la mana de lucru si extragerea ieftina a resurselor naturale fac posibil un ciclu de productie in care produsele finale pot fi oferite unui centru al populatiei care reprezinta un stadiu avansat al civilizatiei. Teoria este valabila daca ai cele doaua „ieftine”. Acest lucru a devenit aproape imposibil acum.
-   Daca fiecare femeie ar avea doar un copil, populatia mondiala s-ar reduce cu 50% in aproximativ 40 de ani.
-   Corporatiile au devenit o forta toxica impotriva intereselor individului.
-   Stiinta spune: „Dati-mi un prim miracol gratis si apoi pot explica restul si orice”. Ea este doar o descarcare a ideilor in Planul Fizic. Stiinta este o metafora placuta si profitabila, practical extrapolata in societate pentru productia de „jucarii” pentru copii sanatosi.
-   Alchimia – spiritul inaltat din materie.
-   Lumea e mai ciudata decat poti tu presupune.
-   Credinta poate fi depasita prin magie(hermetism).
-   Nu exista inevitabilitate decat daca ne abandonam ideii de inevitabilitate si traim ca atare.
-   Crezi ce repeti stilul de viata sau algoritmele parintilor ori bunicilor, sau simti ca iesi din tertipul evolutiei teoretice imediate?
-   Daca teoria ta nu e adevarata spre natura umana, vei dori ca ceilalti sa se conformeze ideologiilor tale.
-   Limbajul, gandul si comunicarea sunt vechi, dar discursul este mai recent – povesti, scenarii, realitati virtuale – raspandirea cuvantului in lume. Schelete umane descoperite-110 mii ani, vorbitul-35mii ani, scrisul-5-6mii ani
-   In secolul 21 avem conflictul dintre rationalitatea alba europeana si „irationalitatea primitiva” aborigena(dragonul muscandu-si coada)
-   De ce numerele, care sunt un produs al creativitatii umane, sunt asa de cuprinzatoare in a descrie natura?
-   Daca Adevarul este valabil si pentru alte vietuitoare atunci cat mai conteaza pentru noi ce e bine/rau, valabil/fals etc?
-   Cel mai adevarat adevar stiut de noi pare destul de adevarat.
-   Modelul despre ce este lumea noastra este facut din cuvinte, deci realitatea pe care credem c-o stim e formata din limbaj. Dar, este lumea asa cum spunem?
-   Realitatea depaseste descrierea. Mintea este co-creatoare in procesul realitatii. Nu putem fi intr-o lume pe care n-o putem descrie(concepe). Limbajul este cheia. Cuvintele sunt catalizatoare ale imaginatiei.
-   Neavand o traditie a samanismului si o explorare in starile mentale, ne temem de ce e nou numind-o nebunie.
-   Suntem „bolnavi” datorita rationalismului exagerat, dominatiei masculine, superficialitatii, practicilitatii si consumatorismului ca mod de viata si de aceea, instinctiv, producem „antibiotice” ca : surealismul, tatuaje, experiente psihedelice, jazz, dans experimental etc. Traim o extenuare a formelor culturale si o revigorare si o evolutie a valorilor asa-zise primitive, care preced istoria cunoscuta.
-   Societatea incearca sa se vindece prin revitalizare anarhica. Intoarcerea se face la impulsul, instictul autentic al corpului in raport cu natura, o reintegrare in ea. De aici vor rezulta experiente autentice ale corpului la modul constient.
-   Catalizatorul, detonatorul care e revelat prezenta sufletului uman asezat pe o platforma biologica este implicarea dietei in perceperea procesului de evolutie. Compusii chimici din alimentatie actioneaza ca agenti de mutatie biologica. Secretul pierdut al urgentei umane, al instinctului supravietuirii omului in natura revine si prin schimbari in dieta.
-   Cand Omul a descoperit paternitatea individuala(copii mei, nu ai tribului) au aparut si proprietatile, interesele si revendicarile personale, sfarsitul nomadismului, aparitia oraselor si a surplusului/deficitului.
-   Intreaga istorie cunoscuta cuprinde abuzuri si actiuni impotriva integrarii omului cu adevarat in sistemul planetar, in Casa Organica Geea.
-   In regnul animal suntem ca o pauza a naturii pentru ca avem o simbioza necesara cu toate sistemele terestre. Suntem claditi pentru a fi adaptati la intreaga natura.
-   OZN-urile produc incertitudine in sistemele stiintifice si religioase.
-   Insasi prezenta noastra pe planeta este dovada procesului de trascendenta existent.

2012 / Maya Calendar - Ian Lungold
« : 14 August 2007, 19:48:08 »
Maya Calendar
Ian Lungold

-   In fiecare a 4-a zi o constiinta noua o domina progresiv pe cea veche
-   In perioada noastra, ceea ce se numea diferenta intre generatii(parinti-copii) este acum de 360 de zile…plus marirea vitezei noilor posibilitati
-   INTUITIA-deteriorarea mintii in fata intuitiei
-   Devii constient de ceea ce esti atent                                                   

                       Timp                                                                                           5D
Debitul(curgerea) Creatiei                                       
                        3D                            4D                         Spatiu

-Angrenarea (angajarea) Intuitiei
-ATENTIA – Mintea nu exista in prezent ci doar in trecut si viitor
-Cu cat esti mai ATENT cu atat INTENTIA iti este mai puternica
ATENTIA-INTENTIA-INTEGRITATEA –INTUITIA(socul de dupa accident –functionarea prin intuitie)
-Crearea linistii sufletesti(a mintii,”peace of mind) se realizeaza doar cand esti CENTRAT.
 Centrarea vine din CERTITUDINE(ex:invatarea dansului) care rezulta din RECUNOASTEREA MODELELOR(tiparelor,pasilor), din repetarea multipla a lor. Din aceasta repetare rezulta HIPNOTISMUL(mecanicismul).
-Lucrurile facute diferit, original ne scot din mecanicism
-Hipnotismul duce in a fi creati, formati ca si consumatori, manipulati, etichetati, cu atribute

Giroscopul(titirez) – O masa echilibrata in jurul unui centru.Centru nostru este INTUITIA.Cu cat miscam, schimbam ce este in jurul nostru(masa), cu atat suntem mai echilibrati, centrati.



-Daca desprindem o bucatica din masa, se descentreaza totul. Deci cu cat avem INTEGRITATE, cu atat masa se invarte(suntem dinamici), cu atat suntem mai ECHILIBRATI
-Integritatea personala se refera la in a te increde in inima ta, nu in minte.
-Integritatea institutionala(corporationala) se refera la a (men)tine secrete. PUTEREA se destrama ca rezultat al lipsei intergritatii(apar secrete) pe fondul dinamicitatii evenimentelor

Fundamentele manifestarii : ATENTIA - INTENTIA( pentru a crea un moment viitor) - INTEGRITATE - INTUITIE(Conectarea cu Sursa)
Fiind atent, cu o intentie, avand integritate, pentru a te putea conecta cu Sursa intr-o Stare de A Fi

Facem ca sa avem, iar acum este timpul sa avem de a face

                                     a  FI

            a FACE                                a AVEA

-Accelerarea intersectarii intentiilor cu oportunitatile – COINCIDENTELE
-Daca toate se intampla in acelasi timp(T-P-V), din toate oportunitatile care se pot intampla are cele mai multe sanse aceea la ai focalizat INTENTIA(mentalizarea, decizia)
-De la prima rasuflare te-ai hotarat pentru urmatoarea…

-Calendarul stabileste ca s-au intamplat un anumit tip de evenimente in anumite perioade de timp, in mod ciclic, cu un tipar

-Cubul inghetat  lui „Nu Pot !”(blocaj mental). Circa 95% din populatie sunt in cub, oameni care nu vor miscare, schimbare(evolutie), nu concep alte dimensiuni. Prin CALDURA cubul se topeste intr-o forma mai subtila, APA. Caldura vine din Forta(16,4 miliarde de schimbari) impotriva Rezistentei.
Cei care se opun creaza Caldura care topeste blocajul mintal. Barbatii incep sa aiba din ce in ce mai multe E-motii(e-motion =miscarea Eu-lui). Creatia devine din ce in ce mai structurata, controlata.
Intram in a cincea Noapte aduce mai multa Caldura datorita Rezistentei noastre Interioare, rezistenta la cunoasterea faptului ca suntem DIVINI.
-Cubul se transforma in Apa care poate deveni abur prin caldura.
-Nu este sfarsitul a orice ci inceputul a Altceva mult mai maret.
-Datoriile au fost planificate, inventate. Ele nu exista. Sistemul comertului a fost inventat acum 4000 de ani si a fost planificat sa esueze din cand in cand si intr-un final va esua. Resursele din care producem lucruri sunt NATURALE, au fost oferite, existau deja…
Economia este strans legata de Constiinta si in fiecare ZI creste iar in fiecare NOAPTE scade.
A 4-a Noapte – 2006-2007
A 5-a Zi – 2007-2008

-Caderea economica se face asemenea caderii unui ghetar – de la distanta pare inceata…
-De unde au companiile de credit banii? Nu au, ci doar sunt intermediari


-Mayasii avea inca 2 orientari ale Constiintei. Noi doar avem Timpul si Spatiul. Ei aveau in plus INTENTIA PERSONALA (de ce sunt aici pe Pamant) -care vine din ziua nasterii si PLANUL DIVIN (raportarile, aliniamentul, conectarea cu Divinul)

Cu cat Starea Emotionala este mai inalta,  cu atat ai posibilitatea mai multor decizii(orizonturi).
Extaz   µ(alegeri, posibilitati)
Entuziasm   ·····························
Interes   ··························
Conservatorism   ·······················
Plictiseala   ·····················
Antagonism(opozitie)   ····················
Durere   ··················
Manie, Furie   ················
Ostilitate mascata(sarcasm)   ··············
Frica   ···········
Milã, Compasiune   ·······
Suparare   ····
Victimizare, Imblanzire   ···
Apatie   ··
Moarte   ·

Evolutia – Mai multe posibilitati de alegere pentru supra(vietuire)
-Centura Orion este pe aceiasi axa cu Pamantul si Cenrul Galaxiei. Mayasii credeau ca sufletul vine din Orion, trece prin Pamant(incarnare) si apoi cand trece dincolo (moarte) ajunge in centrul galaxiei, intr-o Gaura Neagra de unde este redistribuit. Acesta era ciclul vietii si al mortii la mayasi. Ceea ce traim si vom trai in continuare ne duce(pe unii dintre noi) dincolo si deasupra acestui ciclu. Nimeni nu va mai trebui sa moara ca sa evolueze.
-   In perioada prezenta, a 5-a zi este cea mai exploziva d.p.d.v al constiintei. Lucruri ca : telepatia, levitatia, energie libera, terapie genetica, calatorii temporale(etc) vor fi disponibile pentru toti. Mintea va avea dificultati cu aceste lucruri, dar intuitia voastra va fi bine…
-   Nu lasati nimic, toate ingrijorarile sa va distraga de la propriul vostru drum. Mintea evolueaza in prezent pentru a cauta pericolele.(de aceea vestile rele „se vand” in mass-media) Dupa ce va trece de acestea se va putea ocupa de lucruri mai practice, utile.
-   Se va finaliza exploatarea economica, mai ales cand din ce in ce mai multi vor descoperi ca slujbele pe care le aveau nu erau ale lor, nu li se potriveau cu aspiratiile si intentiile lor.
-   Bolile apar mai ales cand exista un grad scazut de respect de sine, lipsa integritatii,a sinceritatii.
-   Constient, toti vrem sa facem(gandim) bine, dar ce se intampla cu ceea ce creem inconstient ?
-   Sunt si vor fi destui oameni care se vor opune asa-ziselor nedreptati sociale, manipularii. Ei judeca ceea ce se intampla pentru ca nu vor sa lase ceva sa se intample. Puteti alege rezistenta sau discernamantul. Prin discernamant permiteti sa se intample ceea ce e de petrecut dar alegeti sa nu participati vehement la asta.
-   Exista si alte civilizatii(constiinte) care au trecut prin aceste cicluri de evolutie ale Constiintei. Acum ii numim INGERI. Ei nu mai sunt limitati de spatiu si timp; au trecut deja prin acest „examen de absolvire”. Acum e randul oamenilor sa o faca,  dar nu toti o vor face dintr-o data…
-   Cat de mult va puteti permite voua insiva sa va creati Realitatea ?
-   Suntem co-creatori la ce se intampla astazi pe Pamant iar investitia fiecaruia consta in a fi atent(ATENTIA-INTENTIA-INTEGRITATEA –INTUITIA-etc) si in a se afla astfel in Suflul Evolutiei.

Constiinta oamenilor se va extinde dincolo de Galaxie si vor fi capabili sa comunice cu „vecinii” la modul firesc si constient.

Desconspirarea unor planuri si actiuni diabolice de manipulare vor constitui pentru fiecare un mare test in A PERMITE. Mass-media va incepe incet, incet sa schimbe cursul de la a acoperi in a desconspira

Mintea este un camp electromagnetic(asemenea aurei), nu este creierul. Ea este cea care are limite.

Cu cat sistemul este mai mare, cu atat ii va lua sa se schimbe, sa se imbunatateasca

In mod special tarile puternic industrializate si-au adus procesul de „civilizatie” mult deasupra Naturalului, Evolutiei. In mod firesc, isi vor pierde baza de sustinere…

Se va ajunge la un final al civilizatiei bazate doar pe cele 5 simturi. Noi dimensiuni si orizonturi se deschid si suntem echipati acum sa intelegem incotro ne indreptam

Scuze de neatentie !

Uitasem de fapt sa pun si linkul respectiv.
Am fost destul de sceptic la inceput legat de aceste comunicari, pana cand am inceput sa le citesc sau sa le ascult...

Gand Bun !

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